Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Summertime, and the living was easy

Picture of the End of Summer

Drinking at just another bar in Maryland. That's Tall Paul, Kristen, Drunk Matt, Ben, and Myself, and NO I didn't choose that ultra-lite "beer" Posted by Picasa

Quote of the End of Summer
"I think that chick from Full House is hot, the Middle One"

Song of the End of Summer
Mansfeild Mann - Lovely Day

Random Fact of the End of Summer
When Tall Paul said Stephany (from Full House) was hot, he was completely sober on the road trip home.

Summer is officially over. Sad but true, Summer has ended and classes are back in session. I am attempting 17 Credits this Semester, and it seems to be off to a decent start. Chemistry, Microeconomics, Community Economics, Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, and Urban Planning and Management all seem to be decent classes, if not a little dull. But enough about school, howabout a Summer recap?

Big Summer Classic was a great time, me and Aaron road tripped just outside of Chicago for two days of Cheese, Umphrey's, Keller, Yonder, New Monsoon, and Michael Franti. Got back from there and headed to Bad Axe to visit Geoff for a night. Kari, Smatt, Christine, Amber, Andrea, and myself went to Blues Traveler at DTE a month back, and had a great time! They played Beck Loser, Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun, Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down To Georgia, and a Bob Marley song for good measure. It was a great show, and only cost $5! After that, I pretty much just worked my ass off every night and took care of my classes in the day. Two weeks ago, Me, Tall Paul, Drunk Matt, Ben, and Kristen all took a road trip down to Ocean City, Maryland to party it up on the beaches for a week. It was such a great time, I went boogie boarding and we hit up so many sweet bars, it was a killer time. The sunsets were amazing and some of the bars on the water were so beautiful, it seemed too good to be true. Got back from Maryland to Welcome Week up at State, which was completely out of control. People everywhere, cops rolling around in cars and on horses, it reminded me of freshman year so much. And now, I'm back in classes, goin' at it once again. I am currently avoiding my Chemistry homework, banking on working on it after my 3:00 class. I can already tell this is going to be a hard semester, but I'll just stick to it and get this shit done.

Oh yea, sorry for no updates recently, I've just been so lazy the end of the summer, and now that class is back in session, I remember why it felt so good to be lazy as hell.

Peace y'awl