Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Weekend

Picture of the Day

Sweet looking bus, turns out it's a freaky, hippy cult bus though. (I read an article in Relix about it) Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
"My fellow Americans, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did giggittygiggiydoo that girl. I gashmogied her gaflabity with my googus. And I am sorry."

Song of the Day
Cake - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Random Fact of the Day
Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

What a great weekend, which I guess would explain why it went by so quickly. Thursday I hit Burgerama at the Riv, which for all you non-East Lansing-ers is $1 burgers and $3 pitchers. It was cool, saw a few people there, and headed out to the Long Beach Shortbus show (Feat. members of Sublime) Unfortunately, I was dead tired and had to leave before Long Beach started, but I saw this SWEET jam band called El Presidente, they really impressed me. Friday was cool, we got some pong rolling at Kari's place, pretty standard, but always fun. Classes sucked on Friday, but I got em done and was ready to start the chill weekend. Had a good time Friday, then got up early Saturday and arranged my dress clothes so we could take off for the Wedding in Lapeer. We got up at 9, just as expected, but instead of leaving at eleven, ended up leaving a little closer to 12:30 or so cuz we got caught up. However, eventually hit the road and headed to Lapeer, where I watched the end of the AMAZING State game while the girls got ready. Headed to the wedding, and had a good time there. Open bar, but I took it pretty easy. All the people there were very friendly and chill, so it was a good time. Got to talk to Kari's parents a lot more, and they were having a great time dancing like crazy. Got home around midnight and crashed out in Lapeer, after hearing Geoff on the radio. (Kari thought that was pretty damn cool) Got up in decent time on Sunday, and chilled around her parent's house for a while before eating an early dinner and heading back to East Lansing, after meeting up with Amber, some time around 5ish. Took a naparoo and woke up at about 8:45, barely before Family Guy. Now I'm up early, before class, but left my books in Kari's room, oops. I gotta go to my three classes today, then hit the library to study up for my Econ test, which is on Friday. I've got about 30 mins before econ, so I should get moving.

More trees, less Bush


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sunshine Daydream

Picture of the Day

Blue Shirt: Evan. Orange hat, yellow shirt: Smatt. Blue hat, in front of Smatt: Nic. No shirt, blue hat: Waba. Oh Bonnaroo, I miss you so... Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
I hang with a bunch of hippies
and wacky tobacco planters
who swallow lit roaches
and light up like jack-o-lanterns
~Eminem - As The World Turns

Song of the Day
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Dirty Love

Random Fact of the Day
A rat can last longer without water than a camel can.

Today was alright I guess. It's another beautiful day outside, 84 out right now. Went to my morning class, which was pretty chill. It's microeconomics, and we have an exam a week from this Friday, so I started studying a bit today. (although really not that much)

Got out of my econ class delighted because I didn't have Chem recetation today due to our exam on Monday, therefore no class to review. I went home and made some Chef Boyardee Ravioli (eww, gross) for brunch and picked on a string while doing some reading for my EEP class.

Headed out to my last two classes at noonish, and Chemistry was booooring. (as always) Studying how molecules become ions in solutions, namely water. I understand it fine, but I'm sure as we near the next exam, it will become much more difficult. Got outta that class and picked up lunch on the go (a big grab of Flaming Hot Chips) and headed out to my EEP - Community economics class. It was pretty chill though since the old man taught the class and not the fat guy who really has no idea how to teach. After class, I came home which brings me to right now, juuuust chillin.

Listen to happy music on sunny days and happier music on rainy days


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Sunny Day

Picture of the Day

From left: Smatt, Me, Smashley, Timmy, Andra, and Johnston on another freshman year 40's night Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
"If Michael Jackson were here, he'd totally be a Werewolf right now."
~Me, commenting on the moon last night

Song of the Day
Grateful Dead - Black Muddy River

Fact of the Day
The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.

Done with class on this lovely day, but homework is still calling my name. It's 78 outside, sunny and beautiful, and I spent a majority of the day studying ethics, economics, philosophy, and urban planning. HOWEVER, I still had a lovely day. I got up early, did my homework for today, packed up my bags and headed out to get some lunch with Kari. We went to the Dog Pit (AKA The Dog Shit) cuz I had a craving for gross, nasty chili dogs with chili fries, right before two two-hour classes. (Sorry, to the girl sitting next to me, if you can read this) After my Ethics class, I had a breif break, so I headed home and jammed on the guitar for a bit. Halfway through my amazing jam solo, I realized I had only 20 minutes to walk to the Urban Planning building, which may sound like plenty of time, but it's by the tennis courts, which are a good half hour away. (This campus is huuuuuge) So went to that class and DAMMIT, I KNEW I SHOULD'VE SKIPPED IT! It was more useless bullshit about urban planning, and we watched a movie that I could have made myself. No new material, just vomiting the same crap out a different color. Last night was cool, Me, Kari, Christine, Aaron, Smatt, Amber, and Eileen just chilled for a bit, watched some football and Family Guy while drinking a couple beers. (Not too much, I had class today)

So yea, got outta that class and headed home, then I started typing this blog entry, which brings me to right now. Currently, I am a little hungry, a little sleepy, maybe a little thirsty, but all around, not too bad. I really should do my homework at this exact moment, but I'd rather procrastinate by writing meaningless jargon in this here blog. Speaking of blog, I might need to go drop a blog pretty soon. (BOO-URNS, B-material) Alright, I'm out, y'awl.

Be thankful for everything you have


Monday, September 19, 2005

Greg:1 Chemistry:0

I would like to formally announce that I kicked the shit out of my exam. It was SO much easier than the practice exams, which I scored between 50-60% on. I knew (for certain) 18/20 of the questions, and the other two, I don't care about because an 80% is a 4.0, sooooo I'll let you do the math. (Ahem, 90%) Sooooo yea, rock N' roll, it killed my weekend and stressed me out, but I'm finally FREE! (until class tomorrow)

Peace and lovin, no pushes or shovin'


Chem exam

Chem exam tonight, 7:15-8:15, wish me luck cuz I'm gonna need it...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Let the weekend begin!

Picture of the Day

I don't know how such an amazing picture went undetected for so many years Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
"There are songs to make you smile
there are songs to make you sad
but whenever there's a song to sing it never seems as bad"
~Stevie Wonder - Ngiculela (Es Una Historia)

Song of the Day
Warren Haynes - Lucky

Random Fact of the Day
My boots gave me a blister today, and the only band aid I had was given to me by Shannon, and it just so happens to be a Hello Kitty band aid.

FINALLY FRIDAY! Alright, so here's how my week's been.
Saturday: Football
Sunday: Football & Homework
Monday: Sick, class all day
Tuesday: Sick, class all day
Wednesday: Feeling a little better, but still stick, class all day
Thursday: NOT SICK! Feeling much better, class all day followed by an evening of pong

Which brings me to today, Friday. 3 classes on a rainy friday sucks, but i can deal because it's finally the weekend, and I'm done with homework till Tuesday. That said, I still have to study my ass off for my Chem exam on Monday, which I'm really not looking foreward to. Tonight is Tall Paul's 22nd B-day party, and I'm ready to party it up for sure. Anyways, gotta get goin, cuz that keg ain't gonna drink itself!

Don't forget to bring a towell,


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday already

Quote of the Day
But psycho..."
~On the shirt of a girl in my class, and I can think of a few girl I'd put that shirt on... :)

Song of the Day
Medeski, Martin and Wood - Pappy Check

Random Fact of the Day
My intestines are over 2 miles long

So today was alright I suppose. I've been feeling like shit lately, runny nose and everything. Ran to my early class (10:20) and it was alright I suppose. It was raining on me this morning and I felt like shit, but it worked out. We went over basic supply and demand curves in my Econ 201 class, simple enough. Got outta that class and made the tough decision to go to chemistry recetation. For those of you non-college folk, recetation is an optional class which reviews exactly what you went over in class over the past week, but in a smaller group so you can ask questions. I bought an orange (for the vitamin C in it) before I headed to the chem building where I saw Jim, with his cast on his ankle (which he broke wrestling when he was drunk) and talked to him a bit before I finally headed into recetation. Recetation was alright I guess, he answered some questions and cleared some shit up I suppose. i went cuz I have an exam on Monday, and I'm a little freaked out about it. After recetation was Chemistry class, which sucked. I COULDNT STOP SNEEZING!!! So I struggled through that one before finally getting released to my EEP 201 (community economics) class, which was cool. The (cool) prof. is back, and I had a nice chat with him before class about how this econ class compares to my other one. The main difference is that EC 201 has 600 students, while EEP 201 has about 25-30. Got outta EEP finally and headed to the Peanut Barrell (Ironic, how Im allergic to peanuts and all) and got a few drinks with Maria and Brendan and Chris for Maria's 21st birthday. Three Labatt's, a hamburger, and a Kamikaze later, I headed home, which brings me to right now. I'm a little sleepy and a little out of it, possibly in need of a naparoo. Thanks again for reading, and remember....

College ends, but the work never does...


Saturday, September 10, 2005


Currently sitting on the couch watching the U of M game and drinkin a few beers before the Hawaii game. Can't wait, only 6 more games as a student. Ryan came out last night and we killed a quarter barrel playing pong over at Karis place. It was cool, Aaron, Eileen, Kari, Ryan, Heather, Christine, Drunk Matt, Stoner Matt, Amber, Ben, Jason, Jason's lil' bro, Andrea, and a few other people all played pong all night. We started pretty early, which worked well cuz the game today isn't until 3:30. Classes finished up nicely this week, and I'm just chillin till the game.



Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another Day

Picture of the Day

Song of the Day
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Quote of the Day
"Love is all you need"

Random Fact of the Day
The average French citizen eats 500 snails a year.

Today was alright, had 2 classes. 12:40-2 was my ethics class, which is actually pretty chill. The prof. seems to like me, so I can't really complain. After that I had my urban planning class, which was long but alright. Chilled for a bit, then my parents dropped off my new DELL LAPTOP! When I told Brendan, he replied "Dude, you're getting a Dell" and I should've known someone wouldn't be able to resist that cheezy slogan. Had some people over for the official start of football, Kari, Geoff, Aaron, Eileen, Brendan, Alicia, Cashell, Christine, Smatt, Joe, and myself all watched the Patriots beat the Raiders. Other than that, just chillin, it's gettin late and I must wrap this up riiiight abooooooout... NOW!

Peace out playaz'


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Turns out school is not so cool...

Picture of the Day

Chillin at Bonnaroo shortly after getting dumped on by rain. The sunglasses stayed on all night. Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
"Hey, girl, what's your fantasy
I'll take you there to that ecstasy
Ooh, girl, you blow my mind, I'll always be your freak
Let's make sweet love between the sheets"
~Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets

Song of the Day
TQ - Westside

Random Fact of the Day
If you toss a penny 10000 times, it will not be heads 5000 times, but more like 4950. The heads picture weighs more, so it ends up on the bottom.

8:30 - 10:00 - EEP Homework
10:20 - 11:10 - Microeconomics
11:30 - 12:20 - Chemistry Recetation
12:40 - 1:30 - Chemistry
1:50 - 2:40 - Environmental Economics & Policy
2:45 - 4 - Homework at the Library
4:10 - 5ish - Homework at Home

Yea, that was my amazing day. I ate the breakfast of champions, Ramen Noodles and black Coffee, followed by the lunch of champions, a Big Grab of Cheetos, Black Coffee, and a cig. Long, shitty day for me, but it is really nice out and I'm done somewhat early. Yesterday, I hit class all day and got back at around 5. Shortly after returning home, the phone rang, and it was Amanda. She was in the area so she stopped by and I took her out to the Peanut Barrell for a drink, since she's newly 21. I got a tall Labbatt's and she didn't know what the hell to get. She finally decided on getting a screwdriver, always a good choice I guess, (I don't know much else besides beer) and we sat out front the Barrell along Grand River and talked while watching people walk by. I saw a couple of my old work mates and chatted with them for a few moments, but headed home shortly after we finished our drinks. Headed to Timmy's for a bit and visited his Iguana, Oz, who was kinda freaking out in his cage. Did some homework after timmy's and then headed to Amber's for a quick beer. I was so damn tired last night I crashed out after our beer and woke up at 8am ready(ish) to do some homework.

Class was alright today, except for my EEP 201 class. Last week's class, professor Slow Talker had 7 power point slides, and got through 3 of them. So today he wanted to finish up last week's power point slides and get through most of today's lecture too. He started on slide 2 of last weeks presentation and got to slide 3 by the end of class. WE GOT NOTHING DONE, IT WAS A RECAP OF LAST WEEK'S BULLSHIT! Man, that guy needs to take some uppers or something, cuz he talks slower than Dr. Phil dosed out on Lion Tranquilizers.

Anyways, went to the Library and was very productive, so I guess that's cool. Right now, I'm about to do some Homework, then hopefully fit in a nap before this evening starts. Nothing early tomorrow, just my 12:40 and my 3:00 classes, so I'm not to worried about it. Plus now I have all my Friday homework done, so tomorrow will just be that much easier. Well, I'd better get to it.

I got some Westside love for all you ghetto children


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Birthday Weekend Blast

Picture of the Day

Three criteria for joining the Big and Rediculous Bonnaroo Sunglasses Club. Sunglasses must be worn at all times, and they must be big AND rediculous. Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
"Cant buy what I want because it’s free"
~Pearl Jam

Song of the Day
Beatles - Birthday

Random Fact of the Day
MSU football ticket sales exceeded 60,000 for the 4th time in history

What a crazy weekend, full of football, good food, and of course, beer. Wednesday was class from 10:20-2:40, work 3-11, then a full night of pong at Amber's place. It was fun playing some pong, Scar Matt, Smatt, Kari, Amber, Andrea, Christine, and myself played a few games, which was cool. I was just so damn tired it was tough to stay awake, but supposedly after I left, Scar Matt and Christine dominated. It was cool seeing Amber's place, complete with tiny pong room in the basement. I was so tired that I crashed out early. Thursday was a few classes and we went to B-dubs for a few drink, which was cool. After B-dubs, Christine and I headed to Jim's new house and drank a few beers out in the front yard. His house is nuts, it looks like someone's cottege with these wooden beams and shit, its pretty cool. Chilled there for a bit then headed home cuz I was so freekin' tired.

Friday my parents came up and took Kari and I out to dinner. We went to Harper's, the brewery in East Lansing, to get some good beer and a tasty burger. It was really cool to see my parents again, it had been a while, and I'm excited that my future Hippy Monkey updates will be coming from a pimp-ass laptop, whoo hoo!

After they left, we got some beer pong rolling at Kari's place. It was me, Kari, Stoner Matt, Scar Matt, Drunk Matt, Tall Paul, Christine, Ben, Parker, Kristen, Amber, and Andrea ponging it up until very very late. While we were playing, the 7 racoons that live in their back yard kept getting right next to us, picking at the ground for food, and we would need to scare them off. It was actually a little freaky, these ugly ass things creeping up to you in the dark. Racoons aside, people began leaving at around 2 or 3 in order to get some sleep before the 1st tail gate of the year, which was supposed to meet at my place, 9:30 am with your drinking shoes on. Once everyone left, however, there was still a few of us up, and we stayed up until 5ish or so, keeping the party going. I remember stumbling home drunk at 5:30 or so in the morning, freezing my ass off, and seeing people already awake and tailgating for the game. (either that or they never stopped partying from the night before)

I woke up at 9:30 am of my 22nd birthday hungover, tired, hungry, gassy, and ready to start partying because it's my birthday and our first day of FOOTBALL!! Since I was up at 9:30, just as planned, I began calling people to see who was actually awake. Pretty much everyone was still passed out (or hungover in bed) since it was 9:30 am and all. However, on football day, there is no way around it, ya gotta get up and start the party early. Ran to the beer store at 9:45ish and there was a line (that's how u know it's game day) full of people buying beer, booze, ice, coolers, kegs, pretty much the works. Got home and finally had some people begin to show up, all sleepy eyed and still feeling shitty from the night before. I had a great time partying before the game started, with Kari, Kristin, Christine, Smatt, Brendan, Scar Matt, Andrea, and Amber (did I forget anyone?) all drinking a few beers before the game. Scar Matt and Smatt had a pony keg of Oberon, which was pretty damn cool I thought. We watched TV, played Rebound, told stories of pong the night before, it was really cool seeing everybody, a great start to an amazing day. As noon came closer, we headed out to the game to watch us SLAUGHTER Kent State, it was a fun game to watch. I got real sunburnt and couldn't stop sneezing cuz of my allergies. We left the game and headed out to El Azteco, a Mexican joint that was slammed cuz it was game day. The food was mleh, and I was so out of it I spilled my beer all over Smatt, who would have said something had it not been my birthday. Crashed the fuck out after that until about 7, when Kari took me out to Champp's Bar and Grill out by the Eastwood Town Center. I got the most AMAZING burger out there, it was two 8 ounce patties with bacon and a ton of other good stuff, definetly one of the biggest burgers I've ever eaten.

On the ride home, I said, "What the hell, I'm gonna get a Keg as my birthday present to me" I called everyone up and Greg's 22nd birthday party was born. It was a lot of fun, we had Tetris in one room, games passed around, people talking, watching TV, singing along to Bohemian. Heres everyone I can remember that was there; Me, Kari, Stoner Matt, Drunk Matt, Christine, Brendan, Brendan's Chica, Andrea, Amber, Tall Heather, Jeremy, Heather's Friend, Paul, Ben, Jennifer, Jason, Jason's little brother, Jason's little brother's friend, Parker, Little Mike, Little Mikes 2 friends, Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott (he was fuckin' druuuuunk!) and some more people (IM me anyone I forgot and I'll add 'em)

It was a great time and I'm so glad everyone showed up and had a good time. As the night got later, we began a big ol' singalong with the guitar and drums rockin, it was fun. We sang OAR, Marley, Clapton, Pearl Jam, pretty much anything we could think to play. ONce 5am rolled around, it was just me, Kari, Smatt, and Amber. We chilled for a bit before finally hitting the sack at around 5:30 am.

Sunday was lazy, stayed in bed until about 4 or so. When I finally got up, I ate some food, headed to the bank, then started driving to Detroit for a FREE MEDESKI MARTIN AND WOOD SHOW! It was just me and Christine heading out, but as we got nearer, we had amassed a group that included Kari, Amber, Christine, Jamie, Chris, and James. It was a sweet show, at Detroit Jazz Fest, and the price was right. They played an hour and a half, and it was one of the most lively MMW shows I've ever been to. Got home at 11 or so, and re-iced the keg with hopes of finishing it. I called everyone I could think of, and rounded up four (yes, four) people to help finish the keg. Me, Kari, Parker, and Christine played Mario Party, and finally turned it into a drinking game officially, until about 4am or so before crashing out.

Monday I woke up at 10am and ate some french toast. Headed home feeling like shit and worked on a bit of homework, in addition to cleaning up the apartment after a long weekend of partying. I headed to work at 3 pm, very hesitant, and was pleased to see that I didn't even need to work today, they had enough people! So I came back and chilled for a bit, which included playing my guitar and harmonica at the same time since my wonderful girl picked up a harmonica holder for my birthday! (Thanks, sweetie) Last night, I crashed at around eleven to get some (much needed) sleep, woke up early this morning and finished up some homework. Back to the grind after a long and amazing weekend. :\ But on the brighter side of things, it's only 3 more days until the weekend! :)

Take care of yourself and each other