Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Should be studying

I should be studying right now, but instead decided to partake in this blogging I hear so much about. i feel instead of vomiting information that has already been established, I should come up with something creative no one has ever though of before... and here it is. The first animal to be launched into space (Spudnick) was not just one monkey, but actually two. The whole idea behind that process was to see if animals could mate in space. Upon hitting weightlessness, the monkeys went at it like two college kids on a co-ed floor and the Russians thought for sure everything would go well. As the monkeys built towards orgasm, the male passed the point of no return, and the semen ended up clogging up the instruments in their monkey rocket ship. So that male monkey, being the dominant one, hit the eject button for the female monkey, who gracefully floated into the outter reaches of space. The monkey returned with half of the original space ship empty handed, leaving the Russians wondering if it is possible to colonize a new race of beings in zero gravity. To this day, I stay up wondering at night when I should be studying for my law exam tomorrow morning (7 hours) whether or not there is a super-monkey race of beings evolving and reproducing at five times the rate of humans, just waiting for the perfect time to strike. I sure hope not, those damn dirty apes....


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