Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day!!!

Quote of the Day
"Saving the Earth makes dollars and sense."

Happy Earth day y'awl! I know this is one of those "iffy" hollidays (Like sweetest day, what the fuck is that?) but doing something good for the Earth is so easy. here's a couple easy things you can do today to help out...

-Don't drive your car unless totally neccessary- Bike or bus (Plus you'll $ave)
-Plant a tree
-If you dont own land to plant a tree, then hug a tree
-Instead of flicking your cigarette butts, put them out and throw them away.
-Pick up at least some litter you see and throw it away (even one gum wrapper helps)
-Put a jar outside of your building for cig. butts if there's not one there already
-Remind other's it's Earth Day & discuss these ideas
-If you want to volunteer, Adopt-A-River is tomorrow in Lansing!
-Sign the recycling petition that ECO student group is sponsoring
-If you see someone throw a cigarette butt on the ground, tell them one butt can pollute 25 square feet of groundwater.
-Go shopping at East Lansing Food Coop (Behind IHOP)
-Read the book "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson
-If you're a litter bug, STOP!
-Take a shorter shower
-Turn off unused lights
-If you have a dog, scoop it's poop


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