Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Random Freshman Year Pics

Drunk Matt, Smatt, and Me Posted by Hello

I miss those late nights freshman year! Posted by Hello

Group Bonnaroo 2004 show (From left: Me, Waba, E-flem, Smatt, Nic) Posted by Hello

left to right: Megahn, Jim, Aaron (with long hair) Smatt, some girl, heather, the other Greg on the far right, and this Greg up top with the bandana Posted by Hello

Important time in Tall Pauls life Posted by Hello

Poor bastard's car after a long night of Spirits Posted by Hello

Shan and Katelyn behind the old B-town Taco Bell Posted by Hello

Goggle girl, Smatt will appreciate the randomness of this. Posted by Hello

Drunk Kai! Posted by Hello

Harpua, the psychadellic dog we painted for Phish's Pharewell show (Coventry) Posted by Hello

Last day in the dorms freshman year with an extra large glass (notice the beer bong in the rear) Posted by Hello


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