Saturday, April 30, 2005

BBQ Pictures!!!

Ryan 2 is looking at the camera persons crotch, Aaron and Eileen cute as always, Heather looks a little caught off guard, and DX in the back says suck it Posted by Hello

Jess and Smatt moments before a major make out session Posted by Hello

Two major babes moments before a major make out session Posted by Hello

Heather wants head, Ryan 2 in his standard "whats up" pose, Greg with the metal, Aaron with the (almost cliche) peace sign Posted by Hello

Kari, Smatt, and Eddie Vedder Posted by Hello

SMILE!! Everyone just LOVIN' the BBQ Posted by Hello

Show me some metal and say HEY!! Posted by Hello

Hey, remember when the spirit of Satan took over Brendan and he tried to kill Cashell? Me neither, but here's a picture of it anyways. Posted by Hello

Deuce on the left with Brendan throwing up some crazy gang sign. (V A?) Posted by Hello

Smatt keg stand Posted by Hello

Ryan 1 keg stand Posted by Hello

Ryan 2 keg stand Posted by Hello

Last but not least, goofy ass Deuce keg stand, that old chestnut Posted by Hello

Roomate of the present meets roomate OF THE PAST! Posted by Hello

Ryan 2 with a "I'm so cool, I don't need to open my eyes" look, Mike with a "Whoop whoop" hand gesture, Brendan with the Nixon double peace, Ryan 1 with a nice smile, and Jess fighting with all her will power to not hop on Ryan 1 Posted by Hello

Ryan 2, Mike, Jess, and Jess' Cream Dream Posted by Hello

"You guys are my best friends, through thick and thin, we'll always be together" ~Cartman Posted by Hello

Smatt looking a little unsure about the person taking the picture and Joe just doesn't care Posted by Hello

Now THESE guys know how to PARTY!! (Is that Jaws from James Bond on the right?) Posted by Hello

Jaws passed out Posted by Hello


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