Sunday, April 03, 2005

Riots on the streets of East Lansing

The Mob Posted by Hello

Soooooooooooo we lost yesterday and the cops were out in full riot gear, they closed down Grand River. We were drinking at a house on Grand River, and the cops let the tear gas rip for no reason. The first tear gasing was intense, people running everywhere and stuff. The ended up tear gasing McDonnalds across the street from where I was. They would throw a tear gas canister, march foreward, throw another one, march foreward, all the way down Grand River. We had an "asshole" cheer going and one of the cops walked up to us and was telling us the next person to scream is getting arrested. (Gee, sorry for screaming) The helicopter was flying overhead, with the spotlight shining down on everything. The mob started some fires over by cedar village too, you know it's crazy over there. I saw a kid getting his ass beat by two cops, then arrested. (No idea what he did) I also saw three people get taken away in ambulances. They broke some windows downtown, started five fires, thousands of bottles were smashed, and some people were hurt. No flipped cars, no deaths, but about 35 arrests. The cops were really creating a lot of the problems I feel. i know they're just doing their job, but still, all that tear gas was unneccessary. They must have fired off at least 15 canisters on Grand River, but there were no problems there. Students cheering and yelling, some broken bottles, but no fires or tipping cars. It was definetly crazy, but man did that tear gas hurt! I was walking towards my apartment looking for part of a tear gas canister (those things are hot!) when something exploded about 10 feet in front of me. I knew I was fucked, and instantly my throat closed up and my eyes felt like they were bleeding. I ran onto someone's lawn and leaned down, I totally thought I was going to puke. The effects wore off in 10 minutes or so, but it still burned like hell. Someone switched the sign in front of a restaurant to say "tear gas hurts, help me" But by the end of the night, everything settled. I got my picture with a riot cop, he even let us play with his helmet. I got the top and bottom of a tear gas canister as a souveneer.

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At 9:16 AM, Blogger HippyMonkey said...

More pictures and possibly some movies are on the way, so keep an eye out for riot material

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical msu. don't know how to win or lose.


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