Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Eileen

Picture of the Day - The Mohawk Sessions

Ryan 2 lookin' hardcore with the mohawk, but I'm not sure how metal the Halley Selasse Rastafari shirt is. Posted by Hello

Fear the mohawk Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"That's what she said"

Song of the Day
Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?

AIM Survey Results
The best rock ballad ever is
30 % for Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
30 % for Stairway to Heaven - Zeppelin
18 % for Freebird - Skynrd
16 % for You Enjoy Myself - Phish
4 % for Hurricane - Bob Dylan
43 total votes

Apparently Stairway and Bohemian are equally awesome rock ballads. Bohemian dominated the whole time, but we got a lot of Stairway votes at the end. This weeks survey is...

Should I bring back the long hair?
You had long hair?

Well, last night I was too tired to go out, so we stayed in and played Mario Party. Drunk Matt, Matt (Jason's Lil Brudder) Christine, Mike, Heather, and J-dog rolled out and DRUNK MATT BEAT ME AT MARIO PARTY! (Ya bastard) Rocked on some Mario Kart and some Konga. Yea, this campus was fucking DEAD, I bet the only party was at the library, and I would rather avoid that place, even though that's where I'm heading right now. NEW FAMILY GUY on tonight for you unlucky bastards who missed the leak online, so DONT MISS IT!



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