Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunny daze

"A spider monkey that escaped from a Mexico City zoo boarded a bus and attacked a passenger."

That's the kind of shit thats so cool, you can't make it up. Sunny daze are here again, it's been great here. Busy busy busy April's gonna suuuuuuck! I've been so busy, it made my jaw drop! (See above) But I can't complain too bad, at least its warming up a bit. Got a training session this weekend, a cleanup next weekend, an Earth Day festival the next weekend (which is cool, sweet hippy bands rockin) and a monitoring day the last weekend. Not to mention the blah Monday-Friday office work & a billion other activities happening on the weekends. (Gun show at the old grade school, seriously)

Still, enjoyin' this Sunshine Daydream.....


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