Sunday, May 08, 2005

End Of The Year Blowout Shindig

Now these guys know how to party Posted by Hello

Oh Aaron, you are the height of just too muchery Posted by Hello

Shawn adding more wood to the fire... Seductively Posted by Hello

The beloved bon fire, this pretty much sums up the night Posted by Hello

Now THAT is one happy dude! Posted by Hello

How... suggestive Posted by Hello

Ryan Deux Est Tres Bellige Posted by Hello

Ryan, the graduate, passed out with his lover Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"im out of food and its time to go home"
~The Takallian Stallion

Song of the Day
Sublime - Summertime

Yea, last night was a great final hoora! Me, Aaron, and Christine met Ryan II (jk) on the way and we walked pretty damn far to Virginia street. Went to Shawns place to find out Shawn wasn't there, but we chilled on the keg and she shortly returned. Christine came all the way to East Lansing from home to party, glad you came out Christine! It was a nice, small party with a kick ass bon fire and three or four graduates partying like their Freshman one last time. When we got back, we were too lit up to play beer pong for real, so we played pong with water in the cups. I know that sounds insane, but we were a little tipsy to say the least, and it was about 3:30 am, so beer stortes were closed, Anyways, congrats to all the grads (Ryan) you made it! TO DRUNK MATT: Happy birthday dude, you made it to 21 with no MIPs, good work. Wish I could've gone out last night, but we'll be chillin' this summer for sure. I'm heading home for a day or two, but I shall return.



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