Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy birthday to Chris "Count Spankulous" Neuvin Taylor

Happy Birthday ChrisT. Posted by Hello

Chris Taylor: Undercover Agent Posted by Hello

Chris' last Phish show ever, and he missed the entrance Posted by Hello

That dude on the left MUST be cool. Blood Sledge Electic Death Chickens shirt, and he balances his beer in his arm while opening a string cheese packet! Posted by Hello

I love the "try not to bust out laughing" look on Chris' face Posted by Hello

You take the drunk pictures, you need to assume they'll make it on the internet Posted by Hello

The evil eye Posted by Hello

Happy birthday Chris. I'm glad I got to see you and Alexa for Dad's birthday and wish I could see you for your birthday. Playing disc golf in the yard is always a good time, and some day we'll beat the double albatros with a hole in one on a par 6. Things in EL are good, classes are starting tomorrow so I'm taking it easy after the Pistons game, definetly checking out Family Guy. I hope you and Geoff have a good time at the Star Wars premeir, dress up like a Jedi for me. Have a good birthday and I'll see you soon, Brother.



At 3:56 PM, Blogger susanjameela said...

to hippymonkey,

you are the fans of Star War? And will u see the movie Episode III on 19/5?


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