Saturday, May 21, 2005

Good luck studying in Ukraine, Brendan

I'm pretty sure this was either really late at night or really early in the morning. There's that caution tape above his head I was talking about. Posted by Hello

Brendan after Smatt gave him a black eye during a late night drunken Skankin' Session to some Ska music. (His right eye) Posted by Hello

Brendan, you've got the crazy eye Posted by Hello

New Yawk in da house, so watch out bitches! Posted by Hello

Me showing Brendan how to get into the Stadium after hours. This is also the first night we went out partying and that's the caution tape that stayed on our loft for a good 6 months Posted by Hello

Again with the first party of the year, and Brendan throwin out the SUCK IT! Posted by Hello

Brendan: Beer Pongin, Ghetto Blastin, Thuggish-Ruggish Straight Gangsta' Shit Posted by Hello

Can you hear me now? Good! (I know, lame caption, but it works) Posted by Hello

Brendan, Smatt, Julie, and unknown set of arms (until next pic) Posted by Hello

Brendan, Kai, Smatt, and Julie all killin some Icehouse on the way to a party. Damn Brendan, you look fucking happy there man! Posted by Hello

Double middle fingers, and some poker on the TV. I think that bottle of Captain's in the background had something to do with this pose also. Posted by Hello

Da boys Posted by Hello

Hey, that wolf man gave me the finger. Oh wait, it's Brendan. You can tell by the hoodie (which he wears every day) Posted by Hello

Damn you tree hugger, get a real jaaaaeeeeooorrrbbb, hippie! Posted by Hello

Ooh! There's TWO of them! Well there's one of me, a-deleted Come baack Ali, Come back Ali's Seeester! (NOTE: Not really Ali's Seester) Posted by Hello

Two girls at the same time, Brendan? Cuz you're a mother fuckin P-I-M-P, B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-UNIIIIIT! Posted by Hello

Brendan's face after a sip of Icehousse. (Not really, but its close) Posted by Hello

Drunk Matt, Amanda, and Brendan. This was just sort of a random assortment of people, so I had to throw it in. Posted by Hello

Yo Brendan,
From the whole fucking crew man, I hope you have a kick ass time in the Ukraine buddy, returning to de homeland! I know you'll have a ton of fun, be safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do! Since the first day I moved into the dorms and met you, you've been like a brother to all of us man. You (almost) never get pissed (even during a killer guitar solo in Brendan is my Friendan at 4:30am) and you're always helping everybody else out, PLUS you took me to my first (and only) Pistons game, which was a kick ass time dude. So from the whole motha fucking crew, have fun and be safe, and you'd better give me a ring when u return, playa.

"Just remember when you greet me and you see me if you reeeeeeal my nigga you know how to holla' G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit!!!



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