Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another successful road trip!

Road trippin' to Lapeer Posted by Hello

So I went to Lapeer for the night yesterday and had a damn good time out there! Kari and I were heading to Lapeer for her friend Michelle's birthday bon fire. We left East Lansing at 5:00 Kari time, which real time is 5:30. (Kidding....) We arrived at her parent's house at 6:30 and went to Applebee's for dinner. It was a good dinner, I tried the Broccoli Chicken Linguini Alfredo Bowl, and it was mighty tasty. (A step above Taco Bell for sure) Her mother is very sweet and loving of Kari and her Father is a comedian. I had a great time, and was surprizingly comfortable considering it was the first time I met them. Her Dad just bought a sweet bike in the garage, so I talked bikes with him a little bit. Her two cat's, Mittens and puddy were very affectionate and friendly, cute cats. Her dog, Casey, seems to be a little scared of me, although they tell me she's a little timid of everyone.

So Kari's phone rings in her purse and her dad says, "I love doing this" and answers the phone in a disguised voice. He tells the person he's never heard of Kari and that they have the wrong number. After a minute of this, he says, just joking sweetie, Kari is in the basement, here's Greg" and hands the phone to me saying "it's her sister, Lisa." So, what the hell am I supposed to say to her sister I've never talked to before? It was a pretty funny move on his part though, I gotta say, so I just told her sister Kari was doing her laundry in the basement and would call her later.

Eventually we left for Kristen place to see the puppy, Buba. Buba is a baby shitzu and looked like Gizmo from the gremlin movies. We hung out there for a bit and headed over to see Lisa, her sister I had breifly talked to on the phone. Lisa and her husband, Pete, were both very cool. We chilled and watched some Arnold movie for a bit (End of Days, kinda weak) before heading to their place. So I walk into their place and see a huge sword rack on top of the TV and a huge, Konan sword on the wall. The table has a glass top with a display of swords and cool ninja weapons underneath. Now I've never been in a house with a sword collection, and I gotta say it was cool as hell. We chatted breifly before we realized it was like 10:30 and we had to go to Michelle's bon fire.

We arrived at the bon fire just outside of Imlay City (I could hear Cruise 102.1 FM, Geoff's station, but he wasn't on) and cracked open a couple Coors Light cans. They had a huge ass fire surrounded by local kids having a good time. It was a huge driveway with a house by the road, then a long road leading on the side of a barn to the back, which was an open field with a bon fire in the middle. I met a ton of Kari's friends and a couple random people. (Anyone rember Troy?) We busted out the glow in the dark frisbee and had a hell of a time playing with that once the glow wore off. I got hit a couple times, not hard though. We finished our Coors and had to move on to a warm 30 pack of Bush beer, not a good choice. As the night went on, people scattered and the Nachos got eaten. Kari got a little sick after jumping on the trampoline, but she was fine afterwards. But we killed a few more of them and probrably left that party around 4 or so.

At the bon fire, some good boob grabbin' goin on between Sabrina, Kristen, and Kari. I encourage that. Posted by Hello

Sabrina drove Kari's car back to Kristen's place (thanks Sabrina!) and there was another fire by their pond. (See bottom picture) We chilled out and laughed, had a good time watching the sun rise. We ended up hawkin' loogies off the dock for the fish to jump up and eat, it was endlessly funny.

Bon fire number two at about 5 am Posted by Hello

We killed that fire around 5:30 or so and realized how hungry we were. We hit McDonnelds, for that McGriddle that was waiting for me all night. Truthfully, eating greasy McDonnalds on a stomache of warm Bush wasn't the best idea, but it was still in order. We ate McDonnalds and crashed out some time after 6 am. The sun was shining, I know that much.

Around 6:00 am after bon fire number two, before McDonnalds Posted by Hello

We woke up around 9:30 or so and chilled until about 11, when we finally headed home, and feeling AMAZING at that. (sarcasm, my stomache was eating itself) As soon as we got back into EL, Kari crashed out face down. After being lazy for a bit, we watched the Life Aquatic and she headed to work. Now I'm chillin' before work, and I've got 37 minutes left.

All in all, it was a great night. It was so nice to get out of the city, I could actually see the stars out there! Her mother was very sweet, she loves Kari enough to do her laundry and fold it. Her dad is really funny, making a joke out of almost everything. Her sister and her brother-in-law were both very friendly and into cool stuff. Sabrina, Kristin, Meghan, and everyone else I met seemed real cool. It was cool to just chill around a fire for the night with the girl I'm crazy about.

And always remember...

You're only young once



At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a great weekend, i'm glad you had fun... i had a great time!!

At 11:27 PM, Blogger Konrad said...

Hey, that sound like a good night! I watched the soccer game Brazil vs. Germany on saturday night. Afterwards I was getting drunk on a summer party at my favourite bar. That was cool, too.
I finally managed to install your countdown. Thanks! If you agree I will link your blog. Do you want me to use Hippy Monkey or your real name (which you would have to tell me)? See you, Konrad

At 11:29 PM, Blogger HippyMonkey said...

Hippy Monkey is my real name, so you can just use that...

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Konrad said...

Okay, I did it!!


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