Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Same stuff, new day

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A cool picture of the Bonnaroo fountain in '03 Posted by Hello

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"She's a catch and she doesn't even know it!"

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Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman

Song of the Day
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker

Things have been pretty steady around here. Work sucked Sunday night, there was this bitter, bald old man who has nothing better to do than bitch at the college kid working at Taco Bell until 3am and getting up for class at 11 am. This guy was being such a dick, I was about to hop the counter and stomp him, but that would have only caused more problems I suppose. So I fucked up his order, sorry dude. I beleive his exact words were "I havn't eaten chicken since before you were born." and I was about to say "apparently you havn't gotten laid since I was born either, old man. That's why you're so bitter." He was throwing a shit fit about a fucking quesadilla, I just hope he never reproduced and passed on those Nazi genes. The last thing this world needs is more angry, bitter people. What ever happened to treating the kid working at the restaurant like a human? What makes bitter old men who eat the shit we make for them better than the kid working behind the counter? Anyways, fuck that old guy, he's just an example of everything wrong with this country; arogant, self-centered, mean, and unforgiving.

However, later that night, a group of 10 drunk kids came into Taco Bell and I took their orders quickly while joking around with them. They were having a great time, and dropped me a tip.

So who do you think I would rather please? 1 bitter old man or 10 college kids living their lives and loving it? Exactly.

Okay, so besides work, everything's cool right now. Yesterday Miggs bought a new driver so we practiced our throws in a field by Akers. We made one hole throwing our discs off the top of a parking structure, which was fun as hell. My drives are still pretty short, but I'm getting more accuracy than I ever did before. I may eventually need to invest in an ultra-long range distance driver, but right now I guess the Gazelle is holding up alright. Aaron took off last night, for two weeks this time. It's not always bad when he's gone, just different. It's always cool having him here, but its not that bad when he's gone either. The only thing about when he's back is that I always forget and boom my music at crazy times. (Listen to OAR - 3am at 3am after work every day) So yea, I'll see him later, much closer to Big Summer Classic. Last night Kari treated me to a movie, (thanks) and we went to see Bewitched. Will Farell was funny in it, there was a few golden moments in particular. I would give it 8/10.

Lastly, the results from thie AIM survey came in, and man was it a close one between Summertime Lovin' and Concerts. But the results finally shifted to what I imagined would win when I created the survey...

What do you enjoy most during the summer?
31 % for Summertime Lovin'
29 % for Concerts
14 % for Recreation (Biking, fishing, camping, etc...)
12 % for Drinking
12 % for No School
41 total votes

By one vote, Summertime Lovin' won. The next survey will be announced soon. I'm up early, before class today, and I think I'm gonna lay (lie?) down for a couple hours. Stay cool and always remember...

Summer's too short, so live it & love it.



At 8:31 AM, Blogger Konrad said...

So much to do and so little time! Working sucks here, too. It is too damn hot and I'm kind of bored because I have the routine now. Maybe I should go and get another job.


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