Monday, May 23, 2005


You and Katelyn visiting me at the old skool Taco Bell Posted by Hello

The night of the infamous "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Drinking Game" before picture Posted by Hello

The night of the infamous "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Drinking Game" after picture Posted by Hello

I saw you, with a ticketstub inyo hand!!! Posted by Hello

Yea, I'm a little bit taller than you... Posted by Hello

The only known picture of me from "that one time" at Bonnaroo Posted by Hello

Remember hiding under the bleachers during Antibalas / Yonder? This is what we were lookin' at Posted by Hello

Miller and a cigarette, AKA Bonnaroo breakfast Posted by Hello

Yea, it's hotter than hell at the 'roo. Posted by Hello

Fare thee well, Bonnaroo! Posted by Hello

You came and got me from State, and we drove to Ypsilanti to chill with Jouel for a bit. No idea who took the picture though. Posted by Hello

Don't know when this picture was taken, but it's CLEARLY in your old car (which I miss) Posted by Hello

Pre-party two winters ago at State Posted by Hello

I think Shannon was thinking something like "Man, State is ALWAYS fun!" Posted by Hello

Drunken pose! Posted by Hello

Shannon with a cute smile, me with big sunglasses and a drunken grin Posted by Hello

We missed you New Years 2005, Shan! Posted by Hello

HAPPY 21st Birthday Shannon! You made it, FUCK YEA!!! I hope your summer is going well, I havn't seen u in a while. I want to get out to Vermont so bad, but my classes (which suck) are 5 days a week. There is a possibility, however, for the second half of the summer. (Before u head to Costa Rica) Thanks for comin' out to State to visit so many times, too bad I didnt snap any pictures. Yea, I also realized that a lot of these pictures I took suck, but hey, at least we were having fun!

Miss U Shan, hope all is well in your neck-o-the-woods.


Your Big Brother



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