Friday, March 16, 2007

Drippy little things, moving along, about a foot above the ground.

Here's my newest work of art. The original can be found two or three pictures back. I don't know why I love doing this so much, but it really cracks me up. This pic was made using paint, the best program ever. Feelin' lazy today man, I really didn't wanna come into work at all today. I didn't even make it here until almost ten! Whatever though, its Friday and I'm feeling blah... It's been raining for three straight days and everything's blah... Nothing else new happenin, just chillin.

Above? You mean ON the ground?

Everything else is coo here. Stayed out a little too late last night, oh well. It was a fun time, I got no real complaints. I've just been chillin, gonna take it easy tonight as tomorrow is a big day. Got some sweet band playing at Marty's, so that will be really cool hopefully. I'm sure it will be. Went to the local wrestling league last night, and it was amazing. It's like "WWF" but with a bunch of really good actors from West Virginia. It was amazing, that's all I have to say. I just want this day to be oooooover, I'm so sick of being at work, all blah. Speaking of work, I'm going to get back to that. I must be a busy bee you see. I'm feeling very strange today, just saying strange things and making weird pictures is amuzing me completely.

Just dripping, behind furniture. Little spring flowers with blue in them might come up first.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Superenvironmentalists unite!

Well, me and four of my friends went and did some monitoring in a highly polluted area. The bad part is that we all look like freaks now. The good part is that we all gained superpowers. One of us can fly, another has super strength, another has x-ray vision, another has invisibility, and I can... make my left foot stretchy. Yea, I kinda got gyped.