Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday night!

It's Friday night of Haloween weekend, the best time of the year! I'm going out dressed up as Shaggy, from Scooby Doo. Should be a fun night, but I can't be out too late cuz I've gotta get up to tailgate for the football game tomorrow, which we had BETTER win, or I'm'a be pissed. Yup, gotta go, ZOINKS!


Thursday, October 27, 2005


Picture of the Week

I was walking to class one day and BAM! There was the Easter Bear, on the bridge behind wells. At the same time, I saw my buddy crossing the bridge, so we got a picture taken with da bear. Oh, the random things you see in college... Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Week
I woke up early on my born day, I'm twenty years of blessing
The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I'm fresh in
My physical frame is celebrated cause I made it
One quarter through life some God-ly like thing created
~NAS - Life's a Bitch

Song of the Week
The O'Jay's - Love Train

Random Fact of the Week
Skynyrd was the name of the gym teacher of the boys who went on to form that band. He once told them, "You boys ain't never gonna amount to nothin"

Sorry bout the lack of updates, I've been crazy busy. Everything's coming down to the wire, and I'm figuring everything out, in addition to taking 18 credits. This is definetly the most busy semester of my life, it sucks. Well, here it is...

Thursday, 10/13 - Take home exam due in my Ethics class. I ended up getting the 4th best grade in the class. Also, I had two papers due this day.

Friday, 10/14 - Studied until late, then took a brew break.

Saturday, 10/15 - Watched the MSU @ Ohio State game, a little dissapointing. As soon as that was done, I studied the rest of the day. Took a break at night, but really didn't do much.

Sunday, 10/16 - Studying my ass off. I hate Chemistry.

Monday, 10/17 - CHEMISTRY EXAM!!! SWEET!!!

Tuesday, 10.18 - UP 353 Exam. It went alright, considering I've never taken an urban planning class.

Wednesday, 10/19 - Turned in a huge paper, and Tony Hawk American Wasteland came out, so that took the rest of the day.

Thursday, 10/20 - Tony Hawk mixed with studying for my Community Economics exam. Surprizingly, I had a healthy balance between the two.

Friday - Had my Community Economics exam, which kinda sucked. The class, as a whole, did rather poorly, and we get one re-write due on Haloween (Next monday)

Saturday - Went to the NW @ MSU game, nuff said about that. After that, Kari and I headed out to Davidson to hit her sister's Halloween party, dressed up as Shaggy and Velma. We had a great time out there. On the way to her house, we called Geoff on the radio and he put me on, requesting Sugar Magnolio, goin' out to "Greg and his car full of Cruisers." Man, I love the station that rocks the docks and shakes the lakes. Watched a movie and passed out.

Sunday - Watched family movies to embarass Kari, including one they made at Disney world in which they are the captains of the Enterprise, as in the ship from Star Trek. Some pom pom videos, home movies, etc... Kari was so embarassed, it was sort of funny, but I enjoyed the movies. Ate some Tim Hortons and headed back to EL where the Lions won their game with Garcia in, that was pretty sweet. I spent a majority of the day, however, doing homework.

Monday - 3 classes, blah. Went to see the movie "Waiting" with Kari, Smatt and Amber. It was a funny movie with Van Wilder, Dayne Cook, and some other funny ass mofos.

Tuesday - 2 classes, not too bad, but had another huge paper due. Also, went to a meeting about applying to Grad schools at night, which went well. I saw my buddy, Mike, there, who I never really see any more.

Wednesday - 4 classes and some homework after them. It was a pretty long day, and I was tired from the night before, but

Thursday - Today!

Yea, that about sums it up. Sorry about these dry blogs, but seriously, I've been so busy I barely have time to shit. Oops, did I just type that? Well, I stick to my story. This weekend will be nice, to just kick back and enjoy myself for a change. After that, though, it's back to the books for my Econ 201 midterm next Friday. Well, it's 9:00 am and I should really get back to reading for my Ethics class.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hell has reached Earth

Crazy busy week. 4 exams, and 4 papers, will update once my life resumes.

No TV and no beer make Greg something something...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Enjoyed a cool one

Picture of the Day

Nothing screams "Freshman year" quite like an Icehouse truck. However, I can't think of too many times I enjoyed it responsibly, unless you define "responsibly" as "excessively" Posted by Picasa

Song of the Day
Outkast - We Luv Deez Hoes
(Old skool song, you all remember :)

Quote of the Day
"I'm telling you now, the greatest thing you ever can do now is share a smile with someone who's blue now, it's very easy..."
Led Zeppelin - Friends

Random Fact of the Day
On average, 100 people choke to death on ball-point pens every year. (So stop chewing that pen cap!)

This weekend was pretty nice. Friday night, I took it easy. I just watched a movie (The Longest Yard) and crashed out around 1ish, maybe a little later. Saturday, I woke up early and headed to Adrian to visit some of Kari's family. It was cool, we got Quiznos on our way out to the highway, which Aaron hooked up phat, and then rolled to Adrian. We went to her Grandfathers house first, and he had cooked up some very tasty spaghetti and meatballs. We visited with him for a while, took a walk around the pond, and headed out to her other Grandparent's place. Her other grandparents were watching U of M lose when we arrived, and we chilled for a bit before heading out to her Uncle's place to see their first house. It was nice, visited for a bit, then headed back to her grandparent's place for some sloppy joes, which I havn't had in who knows how long. Ate a few of those, which were really good, then got back on the road to head home.On the way home, I saw a sign for "U-pick pumpkins" and we decided to get off the highway. It was like 10 miles off the road though, but it was really fun walking through, looking at all the pumpkins, deciding which ones we should pick. We picked a couple nice pumkins and headed out.

Got home and chilled for a bit, waiting for Amber's party. Headed to Amber's at around 10 or so, and there really wasn't that many people there. The keg was still pretty full, and we just chilled, literally, because it was so damn cold outside! Didn't get any pong done, the table was packed, but we did get our money's worth for the cups! Went to bell's pizza after, and IT WAS THE GROSSEST BELLS I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I got 3 pieces, a mistake, and they were so greasy and nasty, eeh, just thinking about it makes me feel sick. I ate the small two first, and choked down the third, just trying not to puke on my plate. Went home shortly afterwards and passed out.

Sunday morning, we woke up and headed out to Uncle John's apple orchard. It was really cool, we bought some apples and cider, it was just so nice to get outta the city once again. They had a wine tasting room, which I had never done. They had hard cider and all sorts of wine. I picked up one of their apple wines and after chillin for a while, we headed home. I watched the rest of the Lion's game, and at around 5:30 my parents came up and took Aaron and I out to eat at Champ's, the best damn restaurant in the greater EL area. (That I've found, at least) Got home from there and headed up to B-dubs with Brendan to watch a wrestling pay per view. Now, I'm not a huge wrestling fan, I never watch it on TV or follow who's who. However, I used to watch, especially as a small kid, and remember my favorite being the Undertaker. He was wrestling last night, so we went and watched, but I was pissed he lost!!! Also, these two dudes got in a fight during one of the matches, and he hit the other dude and laid him out on the ground. See what happens, B-dubs, when you show viloent sports? Anyways, took off around 10:30 and watched a movie with Kari while we sipped on our wine from the orchard. The movie, a chick flick called "The Wedding Date" was so amazingly absurd, I really don't know what to say, other than I'm glad I had a buzz goin. So cheesy, with quotes like "I'd rather fight with you than make love with anybody else." It was about a gigilo who goes to a wedding with some chick whose sister is getting married to her ex who is sleeping with his best friend, or something like that. Basically, it was Deuce Bigalo without Rob Shnyder, and funny jokes, and it had a much less beleivable plot. That said, it was just really nice to spend a calm, evening with Kari after a long, cold weekend.

This morning, I went to my econ class, and I'm home for a little break. I'm about to head out to Chem, then my other Econ class, then the library to study up for my Chem exam next Monday, which is a long ways away, but I need to start today if I'm gonna do well in that stupid fucking class.

This is the time of year people get sick, so put on a coat, dammit!


Friday, October 07, 2005

2 week wrap up

Picture of the Day

Jim and.. apparently Walter from The Big Lebowski? Posted by Picasa

Quote of the Day
"I pooped a hammer."
~Brick Tamland - Anchorman

Song of the Day
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young - Helplessly Hoping

Random Fact of the Day
Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.

Okay, it's been a LONG time since I've had an update, sorry. I'll get some new links up later today. Alright, here it goes, from Sept. 27th

Tuesday: Went to the movies - The Brother's Grimm is the worst movie EVER

Wednesday: Chilled, did nothing

Thursday: Went to Sig Epps to see Green Screen, Dave and Dwight's band. They kicked some serious ass, covered a 311 and a Strokes song, good originals too.

Friday: Pong at Kari's place followed by the Kegger at Smatt's, Joe's, and Scar Matt's. I was trying to get to bed in decent time, because I was getting up for tailgate at 7am.

Saturday: ACUTALLY GOT UP FOR TAILGATE AT 7am! Got real drunk before the game, and was real pumped up for the game, until it ended... Got home around 4 and kept on drinking in order to avoid falling asleep. Headed to the bar with Brendan, and he was practically passing out in his beer because of his (polish the) Knob Creek Whisky he was drinking all day. (In honor of finishing his LSATs) Kari and Amber came over for a bit, and Ben and Drunk Matt stopped by. Played Mario Party and finally decided my bender was complete, since it was 2 am and I started at 7 am. It was a rough day.

Sunday: Wasn't feeling real great. Watched the Lions get robbed out of a win, then did some homework. I barely moved from the couch.

Monday: Watched a little bit of the Green Bay game, then we took Amber out at midnight for her 21st birthday to the Riv for "just one drink". One drink turned into three or four, aaaaaand then the bar closed. Real tired the next day.

Tuesday: Bit of homework, then we went to Crunchy's for a bucket to re-celebrate Amber's birthday. Got two buckets of Labatt's, and we all had a good time. It was me, Kari, Amber, Smatt, Brendan, Alise, Heather Lyon (my buddy) Heather 2 (Kari's friend :) Chris, Dave, and I think that was it. It was a good time, but once again, went out for a little longer than expected.

Wednesday: Worked for 10 and a half hours STRAIGHT!!! on this fucking project for my Urban Planning class. Granted it was pretty much my fault, for procrastinating for so long, it was still a huge pain in the ass. Had to go on the website and look up all these stupid facts for Brighton AND the state of Michigan. Did you know there are 4,234,279 housing units in Michigan, and 10.6% of them are vacant? Me neither, before Wednesday.

Thursday: Went over to Kari’s buddy Heather’s apartment and played Waterfall, a really cool drinking with cards. It was me, Kari, Heather 2, Jeff and Casandra (can't beleive I remembered that) Chris, Katie, and Dave. Okay, here are the rules to Waterfall we used.

Shuffle the cards and mix ‘em up in a big pile in the middle. One person draws a card, you do that rule (explained below) then the next person draws a card, and you do that rule. Queen Master and Thumb Master continue through the turns until someone else draws a 5 or a queen. The rules are as follows...

2-4: (red) The card holder gets to distribute that number of drinks
2-4: (black) Card holder drinks that many
5: Thumb Master - Can put your thumb on the table, last one to do it drinks
6: Six is dicks, dudes drink
7: Seven is heaven, chicks drink
8: I’ve never - Say something you’ve never done, everyone who did it drinks
10: Rule - Make up a rule (except you can’t say “you” or “I”, that rule doesn’t work :)
Jack: Rhyme - Say a word (except orange) and go to the left, rhyming it, cant think of a word that rhymes, you drink
Queen: Question Master - If they ask you a question, you have to respond with a question
King: Category - Say a category, go around until someone cant name one, they drink
Ace: Waterfall - Name of the game! Pick which way you go, the last person gets screwed. You all start drinking at the same time and can’t stop chugging until the person in front of you does

I had a good time, and wasn’t out too late, which was nice. Got some Menna’s, ate it, and crashed out. Woke up pretty early this morning and just kinda chilled before class. When I was walking to class, I was talking to Mother Nature, and she told me it's time to stop wearing sandles and start wearing shoes. She was a total bitch about it too!!! Got to class, and opened up my backpack to get a pen, and I found about 15 ketchup packets in the bag. For a moment, I didn't understand, but then I remembered why they were there. At Menna's Joing last night, I stole a bunch of ketchup packets so I don't actually have to buy a bottle of ketchup. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but hey, if I ever DO need ketchup, now I'm set!

You stay classy, San Diego.



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