Thursday, March 31, 2005

AIM Survey Results

Everyone loves my AIM Profile Surveys, but you rarely get to see my archived results of who won when. Below is the archive of all previous results, enjoy!

32 % for Chrunchy's
32 % for Buffalo Wild Wings
24 % for Other
8 % for The Peanut Barrel
4 % for The Riv
0 % for Spartan Sports Den
25 total votes

The best 90's band is
46 % for Nirvana
15 % for Smashing Pumpkins
15 % for Radiohead
12 % for Pearl Jam
10 % for Other (Beck, Rage, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Oasis, etc...)
39 total votes

On an average weekend night of partying, I would drink about...
44 % for 6-10 drinks
25 % for 11-15 drinks
11 % for More than 20 drinks
9 % for 16-20 drinks
9 % for 1-5 drinks
43 total votes

Best college invention…
40 % for Putting malt liquor in 40 ounce bottles and selling it cheap
30 % for The Hoodie
20 % for Welcome Week
5 % for Napster & Kazaa
2 % for Sleeping through class
2 % for Coffee
40 total votes

Worst college invention…
35 % for Finals Week
25 % for Cops
15 % for Viruses (Computer and other)
10 % for Class
7 % for Winter
7 % for The Hangover
40 total votes

The best show ever is...
34 % for Seinfeld
17 % for The Simpsons
17 % for Saved by the Bell
17 % for Family Guy
6 % for Fresh Prince
4 % for Friends
4 % for South Park
47 total votes

Lamest event of 2004 was…
48 % for Ashlee Simpson in general
25 % for The election (remember vote or die?)
12 % for Phish breaking up
6 % for Anna Nicole Smith getting vacuumed
4 % for Britney Spears' Vegas wedding
2 % for Barry Bonds using the cream
47 total votes

What are you most looking foreward to?
30 % for The first warm day when all the parties happen
22 % for Summer
17 % for Spring Break
12 % for St. Patty's Day
12 % for March Madness/Superbowl
5 % for Walking through the snow for the next 3 months
40 total votes

Which double team is the most annoying?
48 % for Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen Degeneres
17 % for George W. Bush and John McCain
13 % for Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez
10 % for Kathy Lee Gifford and Regis Philbin
10 % for Puff Daddy and Jermaine Dupri
29 total votes

The best trilogy ever is...
25 % for Star Wars
25 % for Back to the Future
20 % for Godfather
15 % for Indiana Jones
10 % for Lord of the Rings
5 % for Matrix
40 total votes

Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was your favorite?
42 % for Michelangelo (Orange)
25 % for Leonardo (Blue)
17 % for Raphael (Red(
15 % for Donatello (Purple)
40 total votes

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The best car I've driven (Cadillac XLR)

Watch out America, I've got a bad-ass-mother-four-thousand, twice as fast as your ass! Posted by Hello

Cadillac XLR Front Posted by Hello

Cadillac& XLR Side Posted by Hello

More Jokes

Stupid Cop

Yay for environmentalism! Posted by Hello

Q How many hippies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A None. Hippies don`t screw in lightbulbs, they screw in filthy VW vans.

Heh heh, erected. Posted by Hello

Barely 20 minutes after teeing off, a woman came into the clubhouse, grimacing in pain.
"What happened?" the club pro asked.
"I got stung by a bee," she replied.
"Between the first and second holes."
"Hmmm." the pro murmured. "Sounds like your stance was a little too wide."

Top 25 ways you know you're addicted to 24

1.) You start saying "TGIM"
2.) Your computer freezes and you start punching F5+shift+esc.
3.) You say "DAMMIT" in response to "Good Morning"
4.) You answer your phone by announcing your last name
5.) Or if you like Edgar... your FIRST AND LAST name.
6.) You've actually looked up CTU on
7.) you shout "its the president" everytime Palmer comes on the Allstate commercials.
8.) you talk about the characters or refer to them as if they were your friends and co-workers...
9.) You have an exam at 3:00 PM, and you say yourself "The following takes place between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM"
10.) Instead of thanking God for seeing another day, you thank him for another hour
11.) You can't name the members of Congress, but you can name every person who's died on 24
12.) Suddenly your fax-pager-e-mail-camera phone seems puny
13.) It's Monday at 10:15pm, and you're asking "is the next one on yet?"
14.) As your lunch break winds down, you find yourself yelling to your friends "we're running out of time !"
15.) You keep a hacksaw, a bottle of water, and a towel in your car trunk
16.) David Palmer on AllState: Are you in good hands?
You: Yes, Mr. President.
17.) every time you see a Colorado Technical University commercial, you think "Hey, it's CTU!"
18.) You watch American Idol simply to kill time.
19.) You like to run around "beeping" like the ticking clock
20.) Any conversation you have with someone is either whispered or shouted.
21.) you think that President Palmer was the greatest president this country ever had. Then you stop and realize that he isn't real.
22.) You think being nuked, dismembered, shot by your coworkers, or tortured to death is all in a day's work.
23.) A desert drive makes you wonder about the best place to parachute out of an exploding 747, or perhaps the optimum place to deploy a nuclear hot potato.
24.) When you give someone important info over the telphone and end your conversation with "Did you get that"
25.) You pass up on going out on a date on monday night, because you have to see what happens next.

Random Freshman Year Pics

Drunk Matt, Smatt, and Me Posted by Hello

I miss those late nights freshman year! Posted by Hello

Group Bonnaroo 2004 show (From left: Me, Waba, E-flem, Smatt, Nic) Posted by Hello

left to right: Megahn, Jim, Aaron (with long hair) Smatt, some girl, heather, the other Greg on the far right, and this Greg up top with the bandana Posted by Hello

Important time in Tall Pauls life Posted by Hello

Poor bastard's car after a long night of Spirits Posted by Hello

Shan and Katelyn behind the old B-town Taco Bell Posted by Hello

Goggle girl, Smatt will appreciate the randomness of this. Posted by Hello

Drunk Kai! Posted by Hello

Harpua, the psychadellic dog we painted for Phish's Pharewell show (Coventry) Posted by Hello

Last day in the dorms freshman year with an extra large glass (notice the beer bong in the rear) Posted by Hello

Laura Picture

My baby looking cute with the ducks Posted by Hello

Kicked ass

I kicked the crap out of that exam, smacked it like a Bee yotch, dropped it like it's hot. All that ranting and raving about mutant monkeys from space was actually more beneficial for studying, especially since a mutant monkey from space with down syndrome could have passed that test, but I'm not complaining. Hell, im rejoicing. me passing this test proved that the monkeys got it on in space, leading to the overall win in the space race. The monkeys did reproduce in space, and they come to eat our brains and fling dookie at each other. Green day taught me that.The lunar landings were just a cover up...
(See below if you're confused)

Should be studying

I should be studying right now, but instead decided to partake in this blogging I hear so much about. i feel instead of vomiting information that has already been established, I should come up with something creative no one has ever though of before... and here it is. The first animal to be launched into space (Spudnick) was not just one monkey, but actually two. The whole idea behind that process was to see if animals could mate in space. Upon hitting weightlessness, the monkeys went at it like two college kids on a co-ed floor and the Russians thought for sure everything would go well. As the monkeys built towards orgasm, the male passed the point of no return, and the semen ended up clogging up the instruments in their monkey rocket ship. So that male monkey, being the dominant one, hit the eject button for the female monkey, who gracefully floated into the outter reaches of space. The monkey returned with half of the original space ship empty handed, leaving the Russians wondering if it is possible to colonize a new race of beings in zero gravity. To this day, I stay up wondering at night when I should be studying for my law exam tomorrow morning (7 hours) whether or not there is a super-monkey race of beings evolving and reproducing at five times the rate of humans, just waiting for the perfect time to strike. I sure hope not, those damn dirty apes....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

(Final Four)x2

As many people are aware, MSU is the sixth team in NCAA history to get both the mens and women's teams into the final four in the same year. The campus has been an outragous party, people are certainly excited about the hystaria. A few of my buddies are rolling to St. Louis for the game, but I am not so fortunate. So in closing, go Green go white. This has been a truly amazing year for basketball. (5 seed, you bastards! You underestimate us!)

Paper Toss High Score

Try and beat this high score in paper toss Posted by Hello

Play it Here

Monday, March 28, 2005

Soooo sick

Soooo very very sick today. I feel like I cannot move or do anything, this is just aweful. I puked about 15 times today and feel truly worse than I ever have before. Not going to class, barely moving from bed... Blah...

Sunday, March 27, 2005


What a weekend! Friday I stayed with my Laura to keep her company while she did rounds in the dorms, then saturday we headed out for Rochester to spend Easter weekend with her family. Sunday we went to church and afterwards, chilled out for a while before Easter Dinner. We hung out, colored eggs, watched the UNC / Wisconsin game in anticipation for an amazing meal followed by an amazing game. After dinner (and an adult easter egg hunt) we headed back to Brighton, my old hometown, to watch the Michigan State game in all it's double overtime glory!!!! Holy crap that was an amazing game, although really shouldn't have gone into overtime... (Stupid Sparky with your lucky shots...) Anyways, now we're GOIN TO THE FINAL FOUR BABY!!!! And every little thing is gonna be alright!