Friday, May 27, 2005

Hookahville is finally here!

SO I'm going to be out of town at Hookahville until Monday, so no updates until then. Furthermore, this entire post is a tribute to the band, festivals, the music, and pretty much everything Hoooooookah in general...

They're playing Hookahville (Katz is on acoustic in the middle) Posted by Hello

Katz on the keys Posted by Hello

Sweney, the king of killer guitar riffs Posted by Hello

Cliff singing "I Am the Walrus" Beatles cover (I think) Posted by Hello


Hookah at Bonnaroo 2003 (I know these pictures suck, but the tent was packed and I took what I could) Posted by Hello

Hookah at the 'roo Posted by Hello

Schwa on a stick! Posted by Hello

They kicked some ass at Bonnaroo, they played Hookahville. (Ironic) So yea, this is my first Hookahville and I can't wait for it to start. Particle, the Wailers, Sam Bush Band, Robert Randolph, Galactic, and of course, HOOOOOOKAH! Plus plenty more bands, I just can't wait! Me, Ryan, and Christine are taking off later today. Aaron's comin' down a little later tonight with his buddies, and Kari and her buddies are rolling tomorrow.

Top 10 Hookah songs I want to hear
10. Seahorse
9. Another Good Man Gone
8. Ridgeway Sky
7. Caribou
6. Good Time (Merry-Go-Round)
5. Lady Vanilla
4. Spiders
3. Bone
2. Fantastic
1. Schwa

Random Hookah Fact of the Day
Did you know Ekoostik Hookah was named (and often mispronounced) to mean "the phonetic spelling of acoustic, meaning sound as it is heard, hookah meaning a communal gathering"

Hookah Song of the Day
Ekoostik Hookah - Burning the Midnight Oil

Hookah Quote of the Day
"There's a goldmine up on the mountain side
But you never gonna get it if you never gonna try"

That's all I got people. Now do yourself a favor and download some hookah tunes (free) off - it's good for the soul. I've gotta go take a math quiz now, my finalode to civilization, before I re-enter the safehaven world of a hippie music festival for the weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and remember...



Thursday, May 26, 2005

All work no play make Greg... something something

Picture of the Day

Our final moments in 341 West Holden Posted by Hello

Song of the Day
Yonder Mountain String Band - Half Moon Rising

Fact of the Day
The Beatles song "Dear Prudence" was written about Mia Farrow's sister,
Prudence, when she wouldn't come out and play with Mia and the Beatles
at a religious retreat in India.

Quote of the Day
"Teach us to sing and dance and laugh and cry. We've tried to survive so long on money and sex and envy and real estate and football and basketball and automobiles and television and alcohol - on sawdust and broken glass!"
~Kurt Vonnegut

Another day another dollar.... Pisons lost, they would've won if I was watchin 'em. Workin until 5am tonight, yippy fuckin skippy. Yea, I'm a little grumpy, I just woke up. The only good thing about today is a supposed barbecue at Heather and Jeremy's later (which I have to leave to go to work) and the fact that my class will only be a 20-30 minute lab. Also, Hookahville is so damn close I can feel the mud between my toes. After my lab I'm crashing the fuck out. And if you're wondering why I'm so grumpy, always remember...

Theres a huge difference between waking up and being awake.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Class and Work. Again.

Picture of the Day

Timmah doin that glowstick shit. Just reminds me how sweet hookahville will be! Posted by Hello

Song of the Day
Ekoostik Hookah - Good Time (Merry-go-round)

Random Fact of the Day
People photocopying their buttocks are the cause of 23% of all photocopier errors worldwide. ~Thanks Tall Paul

Quote of the Day
"Greig, I gotta say, you da bomb. I'm so glad I hired you" ~Celena - Store Manager

*ATTENTION!!!* You MUST click the link in the Top 5 and Newest 5 which is a short film called "More". It used to be on TV a lot, but they took it off and a friend just sent me the link to the website. WATCH THE WHOLE THING, it's truly amazing.

Worked all last night and it went great, I was kickin' ass. Everybody kept saying how awesome it was I got hired. (Sure it's and easy job, but its still cool) So I started reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" which is an amazing book. Just yesterday I read 230 pages in it. (I'm not too far out from finishing it) According to Vonnegut...

"The expression "Breakfast of Champtions" is a registered trademark of General Mills, Inc., for use on a breakfast cereal product. The use of the identical expression as the title for this book is not intended to indicate an association with or sponsorship by General Mills, nor is it intended to disparage their fine products."

...Oh man, this book is so damn funny, I cannot put it down. My lab was fine yesterday, I was out in 30 mins no problem. My math class is goin great, its so easy. My online class is a little more work, but its not all that bad really. My parents came up and brought all my camping gear, and it's really sinking in how much this weekend is gonna rock. Whoooooooooooo yea. The fucking Wailers? Are you kidding me? HELL YEA! They took me out to Harpers for a beer (Grove Street Ale) and some food. (their pizza is good) It was nice to see them again. Kari came over and borrowed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is an amazing book btw. Tonight is Danny's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! Alright, I gotta head to class, then work allllllll fucking night. And always remember...

Live your life with no regrets, because you can't change the past.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Class and work... yep...

Picture of the Day

Mike Glabecki from Rusted Root playing a solo (acoustic) show at the Temple Club. This shot was taken during the song "Beautiful People". Posted by Hello

Song of the Day
Phish - Makisupa Policeman

Quote of the Day
Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
~Kurt Vonnegut

Tuesday Tuesday, another lazy Tuesday. Although I can't be TOO lazy. 24's 2 hour finale was killer last night (USA won) and the Pistons beat the Heat in game 1 of the series, which was the Heat's first loss in the series. Aaron took off for Grand Rapids yesterday, so its just me around here right now. Other than that, I've just got class in 40 minutes and I gotta work tonight from 9 - 3:30 am. My Dad's bringing out my camping stuff, which is great becasue the weekend is COMIN UP!!!! (slowly) So yea, I just chilled and played some guitar once everyone left last night, it was great to have some alone time to jam out! Anyways, I should be running to class. Do the world a favor and say hello, or at least smile at a complete stranger today.


Monday, May 23, 2005


You and Katelyn visiting me at the old skool Taco Bell Posted by Hello

The night of the infamous "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Drinking Game" before picture Posted by Hello

The night of the infamous "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Drinking Game" after picture Posted by Hello

I saw you, with a ticketstub inyo hand!!! Posted by Hello

Yea, I'm a little bit taller than you... Posted by Hello

The only known picture of me from "that one time" at Bonnaroo Posted by Hello

Remember hiding under the bleachers during Antibalas / Yonder? This is what we were lookin' at Posted by Hello

Miller and a cigarette, AKA Bonnaroo breakfast Posted by Hello

Yea, it's hotter than hell at the 'roo. Posted by Hello

Fare thee well, Bonnaroo! Posted by Hello

You came and got me from State, and we drove to Ypsilanti to chill with Jouel for a bit. No idea who took the picture though. Posted by Hello

Don't know when this picture was taken, but it's CLEARLY in your old car (which I miss) Posted by Hello

Pre-party two winters ago at State Posted by Hello

I think Shannon was thinking something like "Man, State is ALWAYS fun!" Posted by Hello

Drunken pose! Posted by Hello

Shannon with a cute smile, me with big sunglasses and a drunken grin Posted by Hello

We missed you New Years 2005, Shan! Posted by Hello

HAPPY 21st Birthday Shannon! You made it, FUCK YEA!!! I hope your summer is going well, I havn't seen u in a while. I want to get out to Vermont so bad, but my classes (which suck) are 5 days a week. There is a possibility, however, for the second half of the summer. (Before u head to Costa Rica) Thanks for comin' out to State to visit so many times, too bad I didnt snap any pictures. Yea, I also realized that a lot of these pictures I took suck, but hey, at least we were having fun!

Miss U Shan, hope all is well in your neck-o-the-woods.


Your Big Brother