Thursday, June 30, 2005


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Double fisting freshman year Posted by Hello

Song of the Day
Bob Segar - Come To Pappa

Quote of the Day
"And even though the rain may now be fallin'
The passion is deep and pushes me on"
~Yonder Mountain String Band - Half Moon Rising

Random Fact of the Day
An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain.

Okay, so IM DONE WITH STATISTICS!! FUCK YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I sprinted it in too, studying my ASS off the last two days (well, maybe I could have studied a little more, but I still did good on the exam) So yea, studied up last night before meeting up with Brendan at Harper's for (half off) dinner and microbrews. At $2 a pop, I would have loved more than one Grove Street Pale Ale, but I knew I had an exam and couldn't. Studied up a bit and watched that movie Sideways, which was a pretty funny movie. I went to bed at midnight, and five minutes after I layed down, the phone rang. Who was it? WORK seeing if I could come in and close. Well fuck that, whos work calls them in past midnight anyways? Completely rediculous. So I crashed at around 12:30 and got up at 7 am to study before my exam. Oh yea, and I leave for my 12:40 exam at 12:20 (10 minute walk) and get half way before realizeing I don't have my calculator! So I get to sprint as fast as possible back to my apartment to grab it and head out the door in a huge rush, so I'm the sweaty kid arriving out of breath for the exam, but whatever, today way just my day to be that guy. Finished the exam in about an hour and a half, and feel confident about the outcome of my stats class. Now my other class is online and continues through the whole summer, with my midterm coming up on the 11th. So now I've got to get studying for that at some point, then I'll be golden for a few more weeks. 4th of July is coming up, not sure what's going on though. I actually don't have to work, so that's really cool. Uhm, other than that, I work tonight at 7, so I'm just gonna chill out for 4 hours, maybe toss the disc around or play some Donkey Konga with Christine. Either way, it's just nice to know I don't have to get up tomorrow for a quiz, I'm gonna sleep ALL DAY LONG!!!!! Anyways, always remember...

Smile's are contagious, so always wear one in hopes of starting an outbreak.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Relatively Uneventful

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Anyone who lived in the dorms knows whats up with "Lock & Towel" Posted by Hello

Song of the Day
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane

Quote of the Day
"Like a true Nature's child, we were born, born to be wild ."

Random Fact of the Day
The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

So yesterday I studied my ass off for my final, which is tomorrow. I went into my lab, which took forever, and finished that up. After my math lab, I spent about three hours finishing up this weeks Watershed online class unit, then studied for a couple hours. After that, I grabbed some dinner at Georgios with Kari and we chilled for about an hour before I had to go into work. (booooooo) Went into work and got out around 2:45. I got some decent sleep last night, although I'm still feeling a little tired. I woke up this morning at 12:38 when my class starts at 12:40, although it was just review so I didn't really care all that much. I went into class late (and sweaty, cuz it's 88 degrees) and sat down while she reviewed some practice problems. The only problem is that she doesnt show how to do the problems. She just says, use this formula, the answer is B. I mean honestly, how is that supposed to help me? So I skipped out half way through and went to the library so I could study by myself, which is much more effective than her bullshit. So I studied for a bit, came back, jammed on the guitar for a moment, and then had a great talk with Shannon on the phone. Brendan is coming out tonight, so I think I want to go meet up with him for dinner or something at Harper's. Other than that, I'm just psyched I don't ever have to work until close then get up for Statistics. I don't have to work tonight and my final is tomorrow, so I'm all set! Anyways, I'm gonna study for a little longer, but always remember...

Goldfish are addictive, so don't ever sit with a whole box next to you, because you will eat more than you should.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Same stuff, new day

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A cool picture of the Bonnaroo fountain in '03 Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"She's a catch and she doesn't even know it!"

Random Fact of the Day
Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman

Song of the Day
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker

Things have been pretty steady around here. Work sucked Sunday night, there was this bitter, bald old man who has nothing better to do than bitch at the college kid working at Taco Bell until 3am and getting up for class at 11 am. This guy was being such a dick, I was about to hop the counter and stomp him, but that would have only caused more problems I suppose. So I fucked up his order, sorry dude. I beleive his exact words were "I havn't eaten chicken since before you were born." and I was about to say "apparently you havn't gotten laid since I was born either, old man. That's why you're so bitter." He was throwing a shit fit about a fucking quesadilla, I just hope he never reproduced and passed on those Nazi genes. The last thing this world needs is more angry, bitter people. What ever happened to treating the kid working at the restaurant like a human? What makes bitter old men who eat the shit we make for them better than the kid working behind the counter? Anyways, fuck that old guy, he's just an example of everything wrong with this country; arogant, self-centered, mean, and unforgiving.

However, later that night, a group of 10 drunk kids came into Taco Bell and I took their orders quickly while joking around with them. They were having a great time, and dropped me a tip.

So who do you think I would rather please? 1 bitter old man or 10 college kids living their lives and loving it? Exactly.

Okay, so besides work, everything's cool right now. Yesterday Miggs bought a new driver so we practiced our throws in a field by Akers. We made one hole throwing our discs off the top of a parking structure, which was fun as hell. My drives are still pretty short, but I'm getting more accuracy than I ever did before. I may eventually need to invest in an ultra-long range distance driver, but right now I guess the Gazelle is holding up alright. Aaron took off last night, for two weeks this time. It's not always bad when he's gone, just different. It's always cool having him here, but its not that bad when he's gone either. The only thing about when he's back is that I always forget and boom my music at crazy times. (Listen to OAR - 3am at 3am after work every day) So yea, I'll see him later, much closer to Big Summer Classic. Last night Kari treated me to a movie, (thanks) and we went to see Bewitched. Will Farell was funny in it, there was a few golden moments in particular. I would give it 8/10.

Lastly, the results from thie AIM survey came in, and man was it a close one between Summertime Lovin' and Concerts. But the results finally shifted to what I imagined would win when I created the survey...

What do you enjoy most during the summer?
31 % for Summertime Lovin'
29 % for Concerts
14 % for Recreation (Biking, fishing, camping, etc...)
12 % for Drinking
12 % for No School
41 total votes

By one vote, Summertime Lovin' won. The next survey will be announced soon. I'm up early, before class today, and I think I'm gonna lay (lie?) down for a couple hours. Stay cool and always remember...

Summer's too short, so live it & love it.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another successful road trip!

Road trippin' to Lapeer Posted by Hello

So I went to Lapeer for the night yesterday and had a damn good time out there! Kari and I were heading to Lapeer for her friend Michelle's birthday bon fire. We left East Lansing at 5:00 Kari time, which real time is 5:30. (Kidding....) We arrived at her parent's house at 6:30 and went to Applebee's for dinner. It was a good dinner, I tried the Broccoli Chicken Linguini Alfredo Bowl, and it was mighty tasty. (A step above Taco Bell for sure) Her mother is very sweet and loving of Kari and her Father is a comedian. I had a great time, and was surprizingly comfortable considering it was the first time I met them. Her Dad just bought a sweet bike in the garage, so I talked bikes with him a little bit. Her two cat's, Mittens and puddy were very affectionate and friendly, cute cats. Her dog, Casey, seems to be a little scared of me, although they tell me she's a little timid of everyone.

So Kari's phone rings in her purse and her dad says, "I love doing this" and answers the phone in a disguised voice. He tells the person he's never heard of Kari and that they have the wrong number. After a minute of this, he says, just joking sweetie, Kari is in the basement, here's Greg" and hands the phone to me saying "it's her sister, Lisa." So, what the hell am I supposed to say to her sister I've never talked to before? It was a pretty funny move on his part though, I gotta say, so I just told her sister Kari was doing her laundry in the basement and would call her later.

Eventually we left for Kristen place to see the puppy, Buba. Buba is a baby shitzu and looked like Gizmo from the gremlin movies. We hung out there for a bit and headed over to see Lisa, her sister I had breifly talked to on the phone. Lisa and her husband, Pete, were both very cool. We chilled and watched some Arnold movie for a bit (End of Days, kinda weak) before heading to their place. So I walk into their place and see a huge sword rack on top of the TV and a huge, Konan sword on the wall. The table has a glass top with a display of swords and cool ninja weapons underneath. Now I've never been in a house with a sword collection, and I gotta say it was cool as hell. We chatted breifly before we realized it was like 10:30 and we had to go to Michelle's bon fire.

We arrived at the bon fire just outside of Imlay City (I could hear Cruise 102.1 FM, Geoff's station, but he wasn't on) and cracked open a couple Coors Light cans. They had a huge ass fire surrounded by local kids having a good time. It was a huge driveway with a house by the road, then a long road leading on the side of a barn to the back, which was an open field with a bon fire in the middle. I met a ton of Kari's friends and a couple random people. (Anyone rember Troy?) We busted out the glow in the dark frisbee and had a hell of a time playing with that once the glow wore off. I got hit a couple times, not hard though. We finished our Coors and had to move on to a warm 30 pack of Bush beer, not a good choice. As the night went on, people scattered and the Nachos got eaten. Kari got a little sick after jumping on the trampoline, but she was fine afterwards. But we killed a few more of them and probrably left that party around 4 or so.

At the bon fire, some good boob grabbin' goin on between Sabrina, Kristen, and Kari. I encourage that. Posted by Hello

Sabrina drove Kari's car back to Kristen's place (thanks Sabrina!) and there was another fire by their pond. (See bottom picture) We chilled out and laughed, had a good time watching the sun rise. We ended up hawkin' loogies off the dock for the fish to jump up and eat, it was endlessly funny.

Bon fire number two at about 5 am Posted by Hello

We killed that fire around 5:30 or so and realized how hungry we were. We hit McDonnelds, for that McGriddle that was waiting for me all night. Truthfully, eating greasy McDonnalds on a stomache of warm Bush wasn't the best idea, but it was still in order. We ate McDonnalds and crashed out some time after 6 am. The sun was shining, I know that much.

Around 6:00 am after bon fire number two, before McDonnalds Posted by Hello

We woke up around 9:30 or so and chilled until about 11, when we finally headed home, and feeling AMAZING at that. (sarcasm, my stomache was eating itself) As soon as we got back into EL, Kari crashed out face down. After being lazy for a bit, we watched the Life Aquatic and she headed to work. Now I'm chillin' before work, and I've got 37 minutes left.

All in all, it was a great night. It was so nice to get out of the city, I could actually see the stars out there! Her mother was very sweet, she loves Kari enough to do her laundry and fold it. Her dad is really funny, making a joke out of almost everything. Her sister and her brother-in-law were both very friendly and into cool stuff. Sabrina, Kristin, Meghan, and everyone else I met seemed real cool. It was cool to just chill around a fire for the night with the girl I'm crazy about.

And always remember...

You're only young once


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Days off are so great!

Picture of the Day

Coventry Vermont about an hour before I would be (head-to-toe) covered in mud from pushing cars out the mud pit. Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"Nobody calls me a fizzle and gets away with it! Except for that one guy who called me a fizzle and then ran away, he got away with it. But most of the people who call me a fizzle don't get away with it! Actually he was the only guy to ever call me a fizzle, but after today only half the people who have ever called me a fizzle will have gotten away with it!"
~Peter Griffin

Random Fact of the Day
"Underground" is the only word in the English language that begins and ends with the letters "und."

Song of the Day
Beck - Soul Sucking Jerk (Remix)

No work the last few days has been nice. Went to the Sports Den for the Pistons game, which was a dissapointing end for sure, but i still had a fun night. Kari, Aaron, Eileen, Tall Paul, Ben, and Jason were all there with a couple of Eileen's friends joining up with us also. Brendan got back from the Ukraine, and was out for the game on Thursday, but I only saw him for a breif period of time since he had to visit his lovah. (Told you u were gonna marry Jess dude, I just never said which Jess) I had yesterday off and just went to Christine's to chill out for a while. Smatt came out with Scott, and so I headed to Christine's with Aaron and Eileen, and Heather showed up also. It was real cool, I havn't seen Smatt or Heather in ages, since before Bonnaroo. It's been too long. So anyways, we drank a bit on her porch and watched the cars going by on Grand River. We ended up ALMOST going to the titty bar at like 1:30 am, but the Taxi ride was more expensive than expected. (One of these days you'll get to a titty bar, Christine!) We wound up playing Euchre for a while, and we lost, but it was a close game if I recall correctly. It was just real cool to see everyone, especially since the summer's been so busy for everybody. I've got tonight off and am heading to Lapeer for a bon fire, which should be cool. Honestly though, I can't say I've ever been to Lapeer, so I'm excited to get out of EL and go somewhere new, even if just for the evening. It will be cool to meet some of Kari's friends, and even though I may be a little nervous, it will be cool to grab some dinner with her parents. I just have to not do anything Greg Gaylord Focker would do and it will all go smoothly. It's been a chill couple days off though, and man did I need it. I've got finals next week and then I'm done on Thursday with my Stats class. Other than that, not a whole hell of a lot going on. Always remember..

Enjoy every summer to the fullest extent possible, once winter comes around, you'll be glad you did.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nothing much new...

Pictue of the Day

A time-lapsed glowstick picture taken at Hookahville Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"For only love can conquer hate
You know you've got to find a way"
~Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Random Fact of the Day
The largest city in the United States with a one syllable name is Flint, Michigan.

Song of the Day
Benton Brooke - Rainy Night in Georgia

So I'm starting the daily updates up again, I promise this time. It's been a little chaotic lately though, in my defense. I've been workin' 30+ hours a week and taking my classes, so in what little spare time I have, I suppose hippy monkey wasn't the first thing that comes to mind. I got some good frisbee golf in today with Miggs, I've been shoting decently since I got my new putter. I've been writing a lot of songs and my harmonica has been jammed out a ton lately. First summer semester is about to wrap up and I'm SO ready for that. I've been working every Pistons game, which pisses me off, but I need the money so I guess it's all good. Things with Kari have been great, she's just such a sweet and honest person, I dunno, it's been good. Havn't had much of a life since I've been working, but this week is shaping up better than the previous three. I've got Friday, Saturday,and Monday off, so y'awl mark your calenders. Friday I'm up for whatever, Saturday I'm going to Lapeer for a bon fire, and Monday, everyone that's 21 has to come out with me to hit the bars. I'm SO sick of workin' all night and schoolin' all day, but it's soon going to be a lot easier once second semester of summer class starts. Anyways, nothing much new with me. Had a late night sing-a-long with Christine on Monday night (5am or so) which was a TON of fun. She called me after work, and I was so glad someone wanted to chill, it had been a while. Work's going smoothly except for the rediculous hours. As I write this, it's 4am, and I've been off work for an hour, about to go to bed. Yea, going to bed at 4am is killing be, even though I don't need to wake up until noonish. Aaron was around for a bit this weekend, got to chill with him a bit which was nice. Once he left on Monday, though, it was back to the bachelor's pad, which I suppose I can deal with. Everything seems to be going well though, about to start studying for my finals next week one of these days coming up. I'm wanting to go visit Geoff ASAP because it's been too long, as well as a trip to visit Nic one of these days coming up. Chris went on his Canoeing trip, not sure when he's getting back, but I's so jealous and know he had a great time! It sucks not knowing my schedule until Tuesday, but I suppose I can deal for a little bit longer. To anyone I keep telling we'll chill, WE WILL, just give me some time. In closing, always remember....

If you live your life in fear you will never love at all...


Friday, June 17, 2005

Class and work... again

Picture of the Day

The security was dressed in pink, if that tells you anything about how strict they are. Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"All you need is love"

Random Fact of the Day
Winston Churchill was born in a ladies' room during a dance.

Song of the Day
Steve Miller Band - The Joker ;)

Okay, I have a quiz in a few minutes, so I'm in a bit of a rush. Yesterday, let's see. I was a little short on sleep, so woke up and went directly to class. Did well on my exam, which was nice. When I got home, I did homework for a solid two hours or so. Took a break to chill with Christine and watch Dr. Phil (boo) and Oprah, like she loves to watch in the day time. Yea..... I got back at 6 and was called into work early, 7-3. Aaron was home, which was a nice change. Him and Eileen were going to the bar for the Pistons game, which once again, I was working during. However, it was really cool to talk to him for a bit, even if it was just a little bit before work. Went into work (boo) at 7 and I'm pretty sure druggy kid is on the horse again. He kept going in the bathroom for like 10-20 mins at a time and coming out all tweaked out holding his arms, so yea. Man, I do not like working with that kid. Anyways, got out early (at 1 am, so early!) and was completely exausted, yet somehow managed to stay up a little later than I should have. It was a beautiful night though, I'm glad I got out of work early! Anyways, I gotta run to this damn exam in 30 minutes. And always remember...

Never frown because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bonnaroo shows

Picture of the Day

The Krewe De 'Roo Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"Life's a garden, dig it"
~Joe Dirt

Random Fact of the Day
Mark Twain (real name Samuel Clemens) was born on a day in 1835 when Haley's Comet came into veiw. When He died in 1910, Haley's Comet came into view again.

Song of the Day
Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World

We arrived at Bonnaroo on Thursday around 4:30 and got the site all set up by 6ish. We headed into Centeroo and went to the fountain at 7 to meet Shannon and Kari. I couldn't see them, but they both spotted me out. So Christine, Kari, Shannon, Amber, Tara, Buck, Steve, Sharon, Rob, and a couple other people (I can't remember their names) all went to the Cinema tent to watch the Piston's game. There was about two hundred people or so watching the game, and i'd say 95% were rooting for the 'stons. It was an intense game, but unfortunately we ended up losing. There was a couple concerts on that night, the first one I saw was an amazing band I had never seen before. They were called Signal Path, a sort of techno-jam band that played together beautifully. We also saw Perpetual Groove (there was So many people there)and the Gabby La La concert featuring Les Claypool (from Primus) which was a nuts show. Gabby La La, I'm not too sure about. She seemed a little too weird for me, not enough Les Claypool either, but I was digging on the sitar.

Friday I woke up early and we headed into Centeroo at around 1ish. We caught a great bluegrass band called Old Crow Medicine Show and I got to do some bare-foot dancing in the mud. (Took me right back to last summer) We chilled at that tent (This tent) while Joss Stone played between sets. Peter Rowan & Crucial Reggae played a show, and they were a pretty decent reggae-style band. I was laying in the shade of a tree, about to fall asleep though because of the long car ride there. (See previous post) We hung out for a bit and headed to Allison Krauss & Union Station. Allison Krauss has an amazing voice, I was very impressed with what I heard. However, there wasn't too much time to hang around since Jurassic 5 was about to come on the little stage. We headed to Jurassic 5 and HOLY SHIT was it a sweet show. They played What's Golden, Thin Line, Quality Control, and about five million other amazing songs. They did this accapella rap for like 5 minutes that completely blew everybody's mind who was watching. It started raining a little bit, but it wasn't too bad. After Jurassic 5, we hit a little bit of the Allman Brothers Band at the big stage. There was so many people there and everyone was grooving out. They played Jessica, Franklin's Tower, and another 20 minute Whipping Post, which is always welcome. We hung out there for a bit, and shortly the show I was looking foreward to came on: Herbie Hancock's Headhunters 2005. This was Herbie with a bunch of musicians (the most notable being John Mayer on guitar) playing with him forming a jazz-funk band which could pose a threat to take over the world if they stayed together. When we walked up they were playing Watermelon Man, bottle blowing and all. It was like a 20 minute jam, and then after they played that (which was my #1 song) they busted into such a jammeriffic Frankenstein that my socks got knocked right off. (either that or I wasnt wearing socks, either way it was funkah) Headed back to the camp site for a bit before Dave Matthews Band came on, ate some chips or crap food like that and killed a couple beers. Now I've never been the hugest Dave fan or anything, but I have always respected and dug his music. After his show at Bonnaroo, I'm a beleiver. It was SUCH a groove-happy show, he played You Might Die Trying, Time of the Season, Hello Again, Crash, Smooth Rider, and Bartender, amongst others. Warren Haynes came out and jammed on Jimi Thing with Dave for a while, and we were all so tired we headed back for a little bit with intentions to lay down for a bit and meet up for the Mars Volta. However, lying down for a bit turned out to be lying down for 10 hours, and I awoke in the morning upset I missed The Mars Volta and STS9. (but these things happen, especially at the Roo)

SATURDAY was my big day. I made 14 concerts. Yes 14. I woke up and headed into Centeroo for the Kings of Leon, which is always a good show. Someone said they played mostly their newer stuff, but I don't know that much about them to differentiate. We headed to Government Mule, and this was one of my unexpected highlights. Sure I kept saying Warren Haynes is my real dad and I'm going to grow up playing guitar like him, but honestly I hadn't thought much about the Mule show. It was much better than last summer, which was also a sweet show. They played a bunch of originals, from Thorazing Shuffle to Time To Confess, and some good covers, like Terrapin Station and Hunger Strike. I missed Soulshine at the end, because we left for Yonder Mountain String Band. I love Yonder, as many of you know. I mean I REALLY freekin' love 'em. It gets that redneck blood flowing through my veins. This was THE BEST Yonder show I've ever seen in my life. They played Half Moon Rising early, followed by the insane bluegrass jam Easy as Pie. THey played Troubled Mind, Finally Saw The Light, then Redbird > Dear Prudence. (Beatle's Cover) They were so on, and the singer always loves the crowd. (You're a beautiful crowd and we couldn't be happier to be here) After Yonder was the toughest leg of Bonnaroo. Jack Johnson, OAR, Iron & Wine, Keller Williams, and The Black Crowes were all on at the same time. We stayed moving, and I can proudly say I made every show. The Black Crowes I saw the least of, and they seemed to jam a lot more that I remembered hearing on the radio so many years ago. After a few minutes of that, I met everyone at the OAR show and it was POURING rain out during this one. We danced in the rain a bit and eventually decided to hit Iron & Wine to meet up with Sharon. Iron & Wine captivated me with his hauntingly truthful vocals, beautiful harmonies, and eccentric chord progressions. However, we never did find Sharon and ended up heading to the end of the Jack Johnson show. As we were walking up to Which Stage for Jack, we realized he was playing some Sublime, followed by some of his classics. After that, we hit Keller Williams, who was singing about something rediculous and playing every instrument on stage before he finally busted into Another Brick in the Wall. (Pink Floyd Cover) Headed back for a bit to eat some cheetos for dinner (eewwww) and waited in anticipation of Widespread Panic. Widespread Panic, oh man, SOOOOOO glad they're playing together again. As always, Warren Haynes came out for a few songs. Highlihghts include Chilly Water, Conrad, Climb to Safety, Love Tractor, and Come Together. (Beatles cover) It was a long show, clocking in at 4 hours, compared to the long Dave show, which was 3. They played 8:30-12:30, and although I was dead tired, I was not even close to ready for sleep yet. I got split up from the group and tried to meet Shannon and Kari at the fountain, but that fell through also. So I roamed around by myself and waited at Which Stage for Trey Anastasio to start playing. Trey started a little late and was scheduled for 12:30-2:30. He didn't stop at 2:30, not by a long shot. I remember it being 3:10 and he was still on. All around a pretty good show, but that Guys fucked up for leaving Phish and even more fucked up for canceling Zooma Tour. But that is neither here nor there, he played Boogie On Reggae Woman, Close my Eyes, Golden Slumbers, The End, 46 Days, Sledgehammer, and closed with No Woman No Cry. (Bob Marley cover) All around a good show, but I'm personally a little sick of seeing that coke head playing with sub-par bands after he left behind one of the most influential jam bands ever. Grrrrr. Anyways, towards the end of Trey I was getting real sleepy and headed into the fountain area. From the fountain, you can hear Which Stage and This Tent. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe was at This Tent and I was meaning to see them ever since Ryan saw that show in Detroit a few weeks ago. It was a funky show indeed, but I kept walking from one side of the fountain to hear Trey, then the other side to hear Karl, then back to Trey, Karl, Trey, Karl, etc... Both good shows, but I was just moving to stay awake. I met some random hippies from Georgia who gave me some Whisky, and after talking for a bit, I headed on my way, out into the black night to see what I could find. I got VERY lucky because I was passing by That Tent and heard some techno grooves so crazy, they'd make a frog lick it's own back. (See: Simpsons or Family Guy) It was RJD2, that quirky DJ who I always seem to catch a quick listen to at Bonnaroo late night when I'm a little inebriated. He makes sounds that you'll never hear anywhere else, he's really amazing, mixing anything from Jazz to hardcore to jam bands to rap, all into one melting pot of musical groovyness. Hung out there for a bit and eventually ended up back at the fountain, walking from Trey to Karl to Trey to Karl. Trey wrapped up his set and I headed into Karl's crowd to see what I could see. I sat up against the bleachers and fell asleep for 30 minutes. During my 30 minute nap, I had FOUR people wake me up and ask me if I was okay, and one of the three asked me what I ate. (They thought I was all drugged out, which I wasn't. I just needed a little Whisky nap) I woke up 30 minutes later feeling tip top (did I just say that) but seriously, I felt like I could party all night at this point. I got up, kicked off my shoes and back back, and started dancing like a mad man in the mud, having the time of my life. I had a ton of energy so headed back into the darkness to see what sort of crazy adventure awaited me. I heard DJ Krush in The Other Tent, and he mixed some Keller Williams and Phish songs, which I had never heard before. I chilled at the playground for a bit, soaking up all the music around me, and eventually headed out. DE LA SOUL WAS IN THAT TENT and HOLY CRAP was it a party. They played 2:30 - 4 am, and let me tell you I was screaming and waving my hands in the ayer, wavin' like I just don't cayer. I can't explain the energy between the band and the crowd, they had the whole place dancin and swinging our hands and shouting. I remember toward the end they had the crowd, as loud as possible, yelling "PAAAAAARTAH! (come on let's) PAAAAARTAH! (who wants to) PAAAAAAARTAH!" and I looked at my watch only to realize it was 4:02 am and everyone in that motherfucker was partying as hard as possible. My voice started to go, but I didn't give a shit, I had the time of my life at De La Soul. They played a lot of stuff off Stakes is High and 3 Feet High and Rising. Man it was a party. So after that show I knew I was in no shape to head home yet, I needed a little more party. So I headed to the Arcade Disco, which you could sum up as a rave in an outdoor arcade. When I walked in, everyone was partying like it was midnight. There were ravers (probrably rollin') doing liquid (dance) right next to two guys with thick glasses playing a round of Pac Man on the classic Table. The DJ, whoever it was, was amazing. He did a techno remix of Shakedown Street, and I got my groove on for a bit before FINALLY heading back to the camp site. The walk back to the camp site was long (30-40 mins) because I kept stopping to look at all the stuff for sale. As I approached the camp site, I was a little bummed because I still had energy at 4:45 in the morning but everyone was asleep. Upon arriving at the camp site, I realized this was not the case. Everyone was up getting shit drunk, lauging their asses off about absolutely nothing. We had about 30 jello shots to finish, so took those one by one as I sipped on a couple beers. Got to bed some time after 8 in my broken tent, which collapsed on my that evening.

Sunday we had to leave because of this lady that came with us who "had to work" on Monday, when she didn't even go. I was a little bummed about not going to the Sunday shows, but I made up for it by going to 14 shows Saturday. We packed up our stuff and headed out around 3. We were all sure we were going to die and get like 200 flat tires on the ride home, but all went smoothly besides the HUGE storm we were in the whole ride back. We saw 3 cars flipped on their roof's at the side of the highway. The Death Box was shaking an obscene amount, and we all tried to get as freaked out as possible. Topic of conversation included Hydroplaning, Jacknifing, how long it would take for the truck to stop, flat tires, cops, and all the cars flipped over on the side of the highway. After our freak out, we ended up sleeping the whole way home. I made it back to my apartment safely some time around 7 am and went to sleep. No pull-overs, no flats, no accidents on the way home.

All in all it was a great Bonnaroo, I had a great time with Christine, Buck, Tara, Sharon, and Steve, most of them I didn't know before the trip. It was also nice to see Kari and Shannon there, but I wish I could've seen Shannon more than for the Pistons game and a random run-in at some point, but it was still great to see her. (If you're reading this Shan, I miss ya!) All in all a great Bonnaroo, weather was manageable and the concerts were great. Well, always remember...

Dancing barefoot in the mud is the secret to everlasting youth. You should try it some time.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The road trip from hell...

Picture of the Day

"Okay, where the fuck am I?" Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"Hey, you know what's funny. Hydroplaning."
~Sharon during a rain storm on the ride home in the death box

Random Fact of the Day
The volume of the Earth's moon is the same as the volume of the Pacific Ocean

Song of the Day
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

SO this was the most outrageous Bonnaroo trip ever. Christine and I drove to Tara's house, where we would meet up with Tara, Buck, Sharon, Steve, and the three adults. We left around 5:30 pm or so, the adults in the truck and all six of us in the 5th wheel RV, which was eventually nicknamed “the Death Box”. We laughed as we were bounced around, having a great beggining to the trip.

It got dark and some time around 10, I was awoken to five people screaming and the smell of something aweful on fire. I had no idea what was going on, but it smelled like burnt rubber. We had a flat tire, but we couldn't just tell the adults in the truck since we were in the RV, so we called them and yelled "STOP!!!!". We pulled over and bounced around like crazy, eventually to come to a stop on the side of the highway. Our jack was not high enough to reach the axel of the RV, so we had to make this ghetto rig out of boards and the jack that was supposedly safe. We had probably ridden on the flat tire for a good two minutes or so, and what was left of it scared the shit out of us...

Our first flat tire, or what's left of it at least Posted by Hello

So we finally got the flat tire sorted out, after 26 minutes of shuffling around the RV and jacking it up. The spare tire, which was full sized, was only half full of air and didn't look too promising at all. A shitload of wires under the tire grid got cut and were hanging down, so we duct taped them to the bottom of the RV and hit the road again.

It was some time around 1 when we finished our bowl. Literally moments after finishing, Tara and Sharon begin freaking out and I feel the RV on the rumble strips, bouncing us around like we're on a (shitty) rollercoaster. I look to the back of the RV and see red and blue flashing lights. Cops. We're all fucked, not going to make it to Bonnaroo. What I didn't know is that the adults up front had just finished doing what we had done. Sharon said something like "We're all going to jail" as we pulled over, and those would be the last words spoken in the camper for the next 30 minutes. We sat in complete silence, not moving a muscle. I was shaking uncontrollably, and closed my eyes for a few moments of meditation during this stressful police encounter. We hear the doors of the truck opening and closing, and sort of assumed either the adults were getting searched or arrested. Then I hear Taras mom talking a mile a minute to the cop (she has a knack for that) and they both head to the back of the RV. They're crouching under the RV and grabbing wires and stuff for about 10 minutes, and we all start to think that everything may turn out alright. After what seemed like weeks, Tara's mom thanked the police man and the RV slowly began moving. We SCREAMED happily, knowing that we just dodged another bullet on this horrific trip on the RV.

Remember at the beginning of the trip how we were all laughing every time we hit a bump. At this point in the trip, we were all nervously silent for each bump. We caught some (cautious) sleep and woke up at around 11 am when we were rolling through the hills of Kentucky. After about an hour, we heard a huge
*POP* kathud kathud kathud

and soon were pulled over on the side of the highway with another flat tire on the RV, same side, other tire. The only problem this time was that we didn’t have another spare tire. We pulled out our chairs and threw rocks at a can for a while, then decided to see how many truckers we could get to honk at us. (Probrably 100 or so did) After about an hour of trying to call AAA, I was told the police were coming to tell us what we can do. Once again, I was not looking forward to another encounter with the police. SOOOOO the police man arrived and was very friendly and helpful. He gave Tara’s mom a ride into town to get both the flat tires replaced with new tires, so we had four good tires on the RV and a spare in the trunk.

We got into the line for Bonnaroo at around 1:30 and it was hot as hell. We decided to hop out and play some Frisbee for a little bit, and no sooner than 10 minutes after throwing the disc, we saw the RV pulling away as the line seemed to completely disappear. We started walking where the RV went, and about 15 minutes later realized we had no chance of making it if we walked. So in the 95 degree heat, we ran about 5 miles to catch up with our RV, countless people in line laughing at those stupid hippies running with the Frisbee to catch up to their ride. Upon arriving back in the RV, we were covered in sweat. We arrived at the gates of Bonnaroo around 4:30, which means it took about 23 hours to complete the 12 hour trip from Michigan to Tennessee....

This is part I of the Bonnaroo saga, the trip down. Tomorrow I'll talk about all the shows, who was awesome and who could have been better. And always remember...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger


Monday, June 06, 2005

I know, I've been slack-a-lackin'

Hookahville Picture of the Day

Fire is cool Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"
~Jimi Hendrix

Random Fact of the Day
The dot over the letter 'i' is called a tittle

Song of the Day
Widespread Panic - Love Tractor

Okay people, don't even say it. I know ive been slackin on the Hippy Monkey. I promise once Bonnaroo is done and shit settles down, I'll do a huge post with everything on it. Let's see... Thursday I was supposed to work until 5am, but I got out early. Friday morning I had a quiz, which I did so-so on. Friday night I was just chillin around before work when my parents brought up a car so I could get home early Saturday morning. Just a little bit before work, THEY CALLED SAYING I DIDN'T NEED TO WORK! That was nice, so I stayed up until 5:00am :)

I woke up at 7:30 am and drove home, then to Northville for a 5th grade family reunion. I mean, honestly, a 5th grade class reunion, is this neccessary? It was kind of cool though, seeing people I otherwise never would have seen again. We had a time capsule to open, and it was real weird. I though I was going to be an artist in college learning to draw better with a "hot girlfriend". (I knew what I wanted in 5th grade) I got dropped off Saturday at about noon, and right after I got back Heather wanted to hack and smatt wanted to go disc golfing. So right when I left to hack, Kari called to invite me to the Umphrey's show at the Bell's Brewery in Kazoo. Wish I could've gone, but Ill see em at the roo.

SO hack went alright, Heather, and Jeremy came and got me and we hacked it up for a bit. We went to the disc golf course and met up with Smatt and Chris at the Ledges. We only had time for 9 holes since the Pistons game was on. We came back to my place and watched the game, and I was passing out in my chair after my amazing 2 and a half hour sleep the night before. Got up Sunday and chilled out for a bit. Smatt came over, and we had a crazy morning. We chilled out for a while (very chilled out) and headed up to SBS so he could get a book. We chilled at the Barell for a couple drinks, then headed home to find Aaron back (finally) so we chilled for a bit. Heather and Jeremy wanted to hack, so we headed over there and hacked it up until 3:10 so I could go to my meeting at TB. Which brings me to my next rant...

THE MEETING AT TACO BELL WAS FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS! Geez man, first my manager shows up 30 minutes late and lectures us about being on time. She's yelling "If you can't do that, then hit the door and we'll get someone else up in heeeya". She kept saying "hit the door" and "up in heeeya" and it was bugging the shit out of me. Then she's like "I'm sick of all this gossip, so lets just get it out in the open" and everyone starts bitching about who's frontin' and who needs to be steppin' and how you need to come talk to me like a man if u got beef with me. Everyone was so fuckin ghetto, it was outrageous. So that shit went until 515. and i needed to work at 6. So I went into work and we lost the power, so I got out early (after cleaning the store in the dark) and chilled around home for a bit. I was too tired to drink, I just sort of chilled in with Kari and took it easy. I got some sleep before my class today, and made it on time for the LONGEST period of math class ever. But I talked to this dude wearing a Disc Craft hat whose name was Dave, and I intived him to the ledges with me and Aaron after class. We went out and shot 12 holes (because Aaron had to take off to Grand Rapids) and man was Dave and his roomate good at disc golf. I shot a 52, which is a little worse than usual, but whatever. i had a great time, and met some new people, so its all good. Now I'm chillin before my 9-3am shift tonight, which is my LAST SHIFT BEFORE BONNAROO!!! It sucks I have to miss game 7 of the stons, but its better I'm making money than spending it. Especially with Bonnaroo coming up, which is going to be so fucking awesome, I can't wait. SOOOOOOO yea, that's what I've been doing since my last post. Its been a little hectic. But always remember...

If you live your life in fear, you'll never love at all


Thursday, June 02, 2005

All work no play make Greg... something something

Hookahville Picture of the Day

Christine, Aaron, and myself happy after a light rain during Robert Randolph's set Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
"I don't stand for the black man's side, I don' t stand for the white man's side.I stand for God's side."
~Bob Marley

Fact of the Day
If one places a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.

Song of the Day
D'Angelo - Cruisin'

Yesterday was a loooooooooooooong day man. This work schedule is killing me, but I suppose it's my own fault for not taking a nap in the day or something. Class took forever yesterday. (because it was like 75 outside) Got outta class and Melissa dropped by, she had to pick up her paycheck so came out from B-town for a few mins. (Literally, minutes) After that threw some disc with Miggs and hit up the record shops with P-rizzy. There was this show, Code of the Cuts, where u walk in and theres a DJ with 2 turn tables bangin on wax. It was a cool shop, they had a vinyl there I think I need. Got outta there and cleaned up the apartment, took a shower, and got ready for my LONGEST night of work ever. Went into work at 9 to find out that I was EMPLOYEE OF THE WEEK and GOT A RAISE my FIRST WEEK AT WORK. Haha, that was all good, but then I quickly realized how exausted I was working. By 11:30, I was dead tired and not even half way through work. Plus the people I work with arent the sharpest crayons in the box (hence: I can be employee of the week my 1st week) so it took us until 3am to get the damn store closed. However, I got up for class today with no problems. (early even!) It's all good though, because all this work is goin to Bonnaroo, which is a good cause. Now I'm up getting ready for my Lab, man I can't beleive it's Thursday already. Feels like Tuesday or Wednesday. Working 10-5 tonight, def. gonna get some sleep before that one. Other than that, I'm almost through my Vonnegut collection of short stories, Welcome to the Monkey House and need suggestions on what to read next. (I was thinking some Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, or Kerouac) I always fall asleep reading now, though, because I've been a little short on sleep. Well everybody, always remember...

Treat yourself and others with love and kindness, it will make all the difference


Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Picture of the Day

Christine, Aaron and Ryan chillin' Posted by Hello

Quote of the Day
Let them know you realize that life moves fast
Its hard to make the good things last

Fact of the Day
The average ear of corn has eight-hundred kernels arranged in sixteen rows.

Song of the Day
Pearl Jam - Oceans

OKAY so I know I've been real lazy about updating, but I WILL get all my Hookahville pictures up at some point soon. The one above is just a temp, so don't you worry. Hookahville was amazing, stay tuned for a full post with all my pictures and a recap with setlists and highlights. And always remember...

Trey Anastasio is a selfish, doped up, bastard who can seriously wail on the guitar (Who cancels a 25 day summer tour?)